WW11 V E Day talk that never happened due to the lockdown

May meeting was to be a talk on WW11, Market Rasen and VE Day.

Front page of 12th May 1945 MRM
Unfortunately, it and the exhibition in the OPS has been cancelled due to the lockdown. The talk was on WW11, using the information from the RHS archives, Rosalind Boyce booklet, Market Rasen Mail, and locals. Before the lockdown, several residents offered RHS information and artefacts on POWs, the Home-guard, evacuees, and men who died. Some of the tropics I was going to talk about.
Evacuees to Market Rasen
The local district council conducted a survey in the summer of 1939, a list of the properties in Market Rasen, and number of evacuees the owners were willing to home. The book was rescued from a skip a few years ago. It is an interesting book, without any dates! It is kept in the OPS, if any member wishes to see it after lockdown. see Raseheritage.org.uk for more information on evacuees.

POW and army camps in the Rasen area
The German POW documents, MRM reports on soldiers in the area. Willingham Hall POW camp, displaced people, meat rations lists from butchers Lancaster.
The German POW documents are kept in the OPS, if any member wishes to see it after lockdown. Raseheritage.org.uk for more information.

Air crashes- Middle Rasen Canadian 1944, Francis Cocking 1941, Lancaster bomber 1944. Raseheritage.org.uk for more information- Middle Rasen.

CWGC graves in the town cemetery
Market Rasen- Sergeant Pilot F Cocking, unknown airmen, Polish soldier, Captain Nicholson and Thomas H Holmes.
Separate email and will be added to Raseheritage.org.uk soon

The Home Guard, and the invasions exercise 1942

There was an active Home Guard in Market Rasen during WW11. The 8th Lindsey battalion of the Home Guard.

It had been involved in the Combined Military & Civil Exercise in 1942. There is a report in the MRM on the day in the Library. Major RF Bradford was commanding Officer in Rasen.

There was a Farewell parade of over 600 men held in Market Rasen December 1944.
Figure 2 1943 MRM


VE Day celebrations

Report in MRM, photograph of Street parties.

2 Babies born on 8.5.1945 Victor Alan Woodthorpe and Richard David Dean.

Figure 4 Prospect Place VE Day Street party 1945

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