WWII Middle Rasen Wellington Bomber crash in 1944

Flight 18 OTU Wellington 111 Z1592 crashed on 27th June 1944 at Braemer Farm, North Street, Middle Rasen.

The crew of six Canadian Airmen were killed.

Pilot Sgt G K Cameron RCAF

Navigator Sgt E A Crowe RCAF

Air/Bmr Sgt G F Marchington RCAF

W/Op/Air/Gnr Sgt G H Durham RCAF

Air/Gnr Sgt E Bunt RCAF

Air/Gnr Sgt R S Cracknell RCAF

The aircraft was seen to have been struck by lightning as it came out of the clouds. It caught fire which caused the Pilot Sgt GK Cameron to lose control. The aircraft crashed at 17.15 pm in the top field on Braemer Farm, North Street, missing the farmhouse, the church and the school. There was a court of inquiry or investigation into the crash, and six Military witnesses were called to give their reports on the flight plans, the weather, and the pilot’s abilities. The metal of the plane had shown magnetism and this was evidence of a lightning strike.

The seventh was Miss Eva Mary Carter, a school teacher of Peartree Cottage, Middle Rasen was in the village on the day.

“It was about 17.15 hours I was standing in Middle Rasen when I saw an aircraft diving straight out of the clouds and crash to the right of the church.  The aircraft was heading north east when it crashed, I did not see any part fall off the aircraft or anybody attempting to abandon it. Just before I saw the aircraft there was a flash of lightning, followed by a clap of thunder. The aircraft dived out of the thunder cloud. At the time, there were a few spots of rain but it did not rain heavily.”

The conclusion was that the plane was struck by lightning and caught fire, the pilot was unable to do anything. Although the aircraft was 25 miles off course this was not a factor.

Flight 18 OTU Z1592 took off at 13.35 from RAF Finningley for a routine cross-country training flight. The crew had been formed on a month earlier. 

The men were buried with full Military Honours on 1st July at the Regional RAF cemetery at Stonefall Cemetery, Harrogate.

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Pilot Sergeant GK Cameron