WW II Awards for Servicemen and Civilians


Mrs Mabel Marsh of Chapman Street

Born Mabel Sanderson in 1896, she married Edgar Marsh in 1919. 1925, they had Donald.

1939 census, Mabel is In Chapman Street working as a cook in the Senior Central School. Edgar is in Lincoln working he is carpenter. Donald ?.

During the war Donald gives his address as Chapman Street.

4.8.1945 Market Rasen Mail reported

Mrs Marsh collected 15 s 5 d of the £18 10s collection flag day in aid of China.

Mabel is awarded a certificate for war work.

Edgar died in 1969 and Mabel died in 1981. At some point Donald emigrated to Zimbabwe, where he died in 2001. RHS has her certificate, it is displayed in the Doctor’s surgery.

Mrs Marsh in grateful appreciation of Services given to members of HQ and Allied Forces during the War of 1939-1945

Ralph Ringrose of Waterloo Street

Ralph Ringrose

Ralph was born in 1897, and lived and worked in Market Rasen. He was a Motor Mechanic.

During the second War World he was an A.I.U Leading Fireman Retained in No 10 (Lincoln) Fire Force-9 years service.

2nd September London Gazette

Ralph Ringrose and 5 other firemen received commendations for Brave Conduct while fire fighting at a RAF bomb store.

Bernice Moses Cartwright CREASEY; Royal Navy

Bernice Moses Cartwright was born in Market Rasen in August 1900. His parents Ely Cartwright and Hannah Creasey. 1911, Father is a postman, and the family are living in Victoria Terrace. Bernice attended De Aston school. He enlisted in the Royal Navy in 1916 as a Boy 11 class and served thorough two World wars. When he retired from the Navy, he moved to Melton Mowbray. Bernice died in 1969, aged 69.

Market Rasen Mail 11th August 1945

Sergeant John Knott

Royal Marines, mentioned in dispatches for gallantry in Crete.

London Gazette 5/3/1942 and De Astonian 1946.

Born 1909-1970. John was a Clerk in London before the war while his mother was living at 7 Nursery Street. Went to De Aston school in 1902s.

Brother Robert Knott 1903-1958, also served during ww11.

L/Col John Alexander Baty

Surgeon R.A.M.C., awarded OBE in 1945. John was born in Market Rasen in 1909 and he went to De Aston school in the 1920s. He then studied medicine in Edinburgh. John married Kathleen Watson in 1935 and they moved to Rotherham, where he was a General Surgeon.

1940-1946, he was an Army Surgeon in a Mobile Surgical Unit in Burma. Doctor Jack, (to his patients) was awarded an OBE for his services to medicine. He wrote a book on Surgeon in the Jungle in 1979. He died in 1982.

Signalman Kenneth Smith 1920-1945

Kenneth Smith was born in Market Rasen in 1920. His parents Bertie and Alice Jane moved away from Market Rasen. On 23rd January 1939, he enlisted in the Royal Corps of Signals.

On the 10th January 1945 he was killed and The Times reported on 20th October that he had posthumously been award the George Cross.

On the night of 10th January 1945, on the island of Ist in the Adriatic, Signalman Smith was a member of a patrol of the Long Range Desert Group which was attacked by saboteurs, who laid time bombs in vital houses on the island. After hearing some shots, Signalman Smith entered the wireless room and found one such bomb on the table. Realizing that there were a number of partisans in the room and young children elsewhere in the house, Signalman Smith immediately picked up the bomb, which was ticking. He intended to move it to a place of safety behind a wall nearby, but he had gone only a few yards outside the house when the bomb exploded and he was blown to pieces. There is no doubt that Signalman Smith’s actions saved the lives of many of his comrades, partisans, and civilians, and that he showed superb courage and a complete disregard for personal safety inlifting a time bomb which was already ticking, when he knew it might explode at any moment

Flight Sergeant Albert Edward Sellars

Albert was born in Market Rasen on 29th July 1923, his father John worked for the Forestry. The 1939 census, the family are in Caistor. After school, Albert became an apprentice fitter and he listed in the R.A.F in August 1941. He was awarded the D.F.M in recognition of gallantry and devotion to duty. MRM 4.8.1945