WW1 – Rasen’s Virtual Tour

Rase Heritage Society played a key role in the development of The Market Rasen Virtual Tour.

A website was created covering many aspects of Rasen heritage and this was supported by individual plaques on the locations of the stories, throughout the town.

Each plaque has a photo, and introductory text, with a ‘QR’ code. This gives viewers the ability, using their Smartphone and the ‘QR’ app, to link immediately to the website and the story in full.

A large part of the tour is the story of six of the Rasen men who took part in ‘The War to end all Wars’

The links below take you to the men’s individual stories

WW1 – Brown 1-16War Memorial Arty 5-2-16

WW1 – Canty Family 1-16

WW1 – Castle Bros 1-16

WW1 – Cressy Bros 1-16

WW1 – West Bros 1-16

WW1 – Starbuck 1-16