WW1 Dec. 1917 & Roll of Honour

Please Note all marked with * are not on Market Rasen Mail 1914-1918 Roll of Honour

*Frederick Abey

Born August 1894 in Fulnetby, parents William and Martha. 1911 he is working as a waggoner on a farm in Snelland. Enlisted in July 1917, listed as from Market Rasen and a plate layer. HMS VICTORY 1 and retired in March 1919 HMS VICTORY 1.

 *Arthur Atkinson

Middle Rasen, at Battle of Jutland on HMS INDOMITABLE ???? December 1917 sent a thank you letter to Market Rasen Mail from a torpedo boat in the North Sea.

*John Henry Barry

Born in Market Rasen 15.4.1885. 1901 he and his brother William are living in Wigston Magna, Leicestershire with their Aunt and Uncle. 1911 census he is with his new wife Ada, living with her family in Leicester, He is working in the shoe industry. 1917 In September John enlisted in the Royal Navy until 31st March 1918 when he was listed as RN Reserve. 1917 HMS PRESIDENT 11, 1918 HMS DAEDALUS

*Herbert Blanchard

Born in Market Rasen in August 1895, parents Harry and Ellen. 1911 census Herbert is living with his widower father and family in Lincoln. Harry is a house painter. He enlisted in RN in August 1911 HMS GANGES, as a Boy 11 and became Able seamen February 1915. He listed himself as a moulder. During the war, he is listed as being a POW in Turkey, details not clear. 1919 December Herbert retired from the RN, last ship HMS VICTORY. He is awarded DSM (number 2140) in November 1919, he also received the Silver War badge in December 1919. 1921 Summer, he married Agnes Hickson, he died in 1965.

William Edward Bottomley Gunner, HMS ROYAL SOVEREIGN

Born 24th December 1899 and baptised on 24th January 1900 in Burnham, Somerset. Parents Edward and Jane. Father was a maltster. Family moved to Market Rasen by 1911 census. 6 Willingham Road, father a maltster. 1915 July Market Rasen Mail reported that WE Bottomley had leave for Shotley for training. He had enlisted in the Royal Navy, stating that he was a printer’s assistant. 1915 June Boy, 11 on HMS GRANGES. 1917 December Able Seaman on HMS ROYAL SOVERIGN. 1928 retired as Act Petty Officer (PO)

*Robert Thomas Cooke

Born in 1890 in Tealby. Parents William and Elizabeth. 1891 Mr Cooke is a wine and spirit merchant and the family are living in Queen Street, Market Rasen, 1901 the family are in Leicester. 1908 Enlisted in RN, listed as a houseboy and from Market Rasen. 1911 Able Seaman RT Cooke is aboard HMS KENT in the China Seas. 1919 January, Robert is invalid out of the Royal Navy, his last ship was HMS VIVID 1.

*Sydney J Cottingham

Born in Scotter, 1895, his parents George Walter and Emma Cottingham. Part of the Cottingham family of butchers and bakers. 1911 he is with his family in Scotter, a farm labourer. 1916 29th March he joined the Royal Navy. L.8576. 1917 HMS DAEDALUS. O.S.1 1918 31st March, left the Royal Navy. 1927 married Clara Anne Sales 1977 died.

Bernice M C Creasey, HMS POWERFUL

Bernice Moses Cartwright was born in Market Rasen in August 1900. His parents Ely Cartwright and Hannah Creasey. 1911, Father is a postman, and the family are living in Victoria Terrace. 1916 Enlisted in RN, Boy,11 on HMS POWERFUL, 1928 HMS BENBOW. 1937 Warrant telegraphist in Royal Indian Navy. 1941-1945 Temporary Warrant telegraphist. Na 1949 List Petty Officer Temporary Acting Commissioned Telegraphist under A.F.O. 3009/45 date of seniority 18 June 1945 1969 died Melton Mowbray.

James William Flear, HMS EMPIRE OF INDIA

Born in Glentham on 11th August 1897, parents William and Eliza. 1911 census errand boy, living with family in Welton. 1915 11th August joined the Royal Navy aged 18, during WW1 he serviced on HMS EMPIRE OF INDIA, James remained in the Royal Navy until 31st December 1928. In 1923 he married Ivy Verna Cressy. James died in 1953.

Frank Gilding, minesweeper

Herbert Percival Handley, SBS HMS PARIS

Born in Market Rasen in February 1888, parents Richard and Florence. 1891 and 1901 census Herbert is with his family in Victoria Terrace, his father Richard is a Grocer’s assistant. 1908 Herbert joins the Royal Navy, his listed occupation was chemist. 1911 He is a sick berth attendant on HMS ASTREA in the China and East Indies. He was on Special Boat Service HMS PARIS during WW1. He remained in the Royal Navy until 1927/30. He died of TB on 25th January 1930 and is buried in Market Rasen.

*William George Humberstone

Born in North Willingham, parents William and Alice. Father was a shepherd. 1901 the family were living in South Ormsby, and had moved to Sturton Baumber by 1911. 1914 February, enlisted in RN as 16-year-old, listed as horseman. Rating-Boy on HMS GANGES, 1916 January 18-year-old on HMS PENELOPE. He was invalid out of RN in July 1919. William died in 1920.

Ralph LillBborn in Market Rasen in 1896, father Philip Elmhast Lill.

1911 at school, living with family at 44 Queen Street, Market Rasen, His father is a timber merchant. 1916 Joined the Royal Navy, Victory 2-5a. E.R.A.4 / M.245831917 HMS SPIRTFIRE/APOLLO- C.P.O. E.R.A (Engine Room Artificer) 1919 HMS BLAKE, retired. 1922 married Marjorie E Rawlinson in Market Rasen.


Born in Market Rasen on 27th May 1887, parents Thomas and Sarah. 1891 census, family living in Dear Street, 1901 moved to King Street. Joseph is a grocer’s errand boy. 1909 14th October Joseph joins the Royal navy, he listed his occupation as Railway porter.  During WW1, he served on HMS HERCULES. He left the Royal Navy on 22nd February 1919, RN Reserves.

B Parker, HMS KENT

George Bernard Noel Parker born in Rothwell in 1895, parents Frederick and Anne. 1911 George is an apprentice butcher living in Grimsby with his family. His father is a cycle agent. 1916 Spring He married Gladys Muriel Hayman in Grimsby. He enlisted in August 1916 and spent a year January 1917-1918 aboard the HMS KENT as Stoker 1st class. George return from the war and lived in Market Rasen, he died on 30th July 1962. Weelsby House, Legsby Road.

A J Payne

Albert John Payne was born in Market Rasen on 31st January 1884. 1910 he married Sarah Ann Siddons 1911 he is a cycle agent and rep., living with Sarah Ann in Chapel Street. 1917 On 9th March he joined the Royal Navy, first ship HMS VIVIDL 1, M2596…E.R.A. 1919 12th February he retired, HMS SEAUDER 1922 24th December Albert died.

Louis Proctor, Royal Marines

Born in Market Rasen on 24th November 1893, parents Charles and Kate Proctor. Louis died in 1962. 1901 he was with his parents and siblings at 12 Mill Lane, Market Rasen.  Louis moved to Lincoln by 1911, he was an engine cleaner. He enlisted on 21st August 1911 and remained in the Marines after the war.

P Reeve Lieut. Engineer, HMS LINNET

William Richardson C.M.M

M.B/1552 RN Volunteer Reserve. MB prefixes in the RNVR belong to the Motor Boat Reserve. The rating of MB – Motor boatman, MM-  Motor Mechanic and CMM- Chief Motor Mechanic.
The Motor Boat Reserve was formed in 1914 and disbanded in 1919. Originally the reserve consisted of motor powered pleasure boats volunteered by their owners who were given commissions in the RNVR. This continued until 1915 when motor launches were delivered. They were used for harbour patrols etc. The MBR was absorbed into the yacht patrol in October 1915 and became the Auxiliary Patrol.

Joseph E Searby, HMS JELLICOE AS

Joseph Edward was born in 1893 in Market Rasen, parents Joseph and Alice. Joseph senior was a coal merchant. 1901 The family are living Lammas Lea Road. 1911 Joseph is in Grimsby, a joiner’s apprentice. By May 1915 Joseph has enlisted, RN Air Service, HMS JELLICOE. 1917-18 he served on HM ML39, as CPO RN MBR. (Motor boat service) 1973 Joseph died, 10 Waterloo Street, Market Rasen.

Walter Shaw Air Mechanic,

Born in Market Rasen in 201.1.1873. 1915 Enlisted in RN, listed as a plumber. Served on several ships including HMS PRESIDENT and HMS DAEDALUS. 1917 He was Leading Mechanical Engineer, Air Service aboard HMS RIVIERA

Thomas Sylvester, Naval Reserve

Born 31.3.1883 in Carrington, 1901 at home in Thorpe St Peter, Ag Lab same as father and brother. Thomas joined the Royal Marines in December 1901, discharged by 1914, Naval Reserve.

Gunner T Sylvester, term of service, an inspector on Allan Steamship line.

July 1914 was postman in Market Rasen. He had to postponed his wedding because of the outbreak of war. 19th June 1915 married Miss Margaret G McClellared. He received a foot wound on CARMANIA Auxiliary cruiser, and bought home some German shell bits. 25th January 1918, Postman in Market Rasen listed in British Postal Service Appointment book. 8th Feb 1919 the Market Rasen Mail reported that Gunner Sylvester had recently been home on leave, then he and his ship were off to Australia. Unfortunately, his wife died of influenza last Thursday 4th February, His son William was 2. Thomas married Fanny Bottomley 23rd March 1920 and had two children with her, he died in 1959.

John Whitworth, RN HMS ESSEX

Born in Market Rasen in December 1887, 1901 he was at home with his family in Waterloo Street. His father was a cooper at a Brewery. 1911 John is an Able Seaman in RN at Tamar, Devonport. 1914 joined RN HMS ESSEX. 1915 John married Eva B Chappell, he remained in the navy after the war. John died in Exmouth in 1966.


Born 1890 in Market Rasen, mother Sarah Jane West, father Edward Smith. 1901 Census- Sarah Jane West is housekeeper to Edward Smith, chimney sweep. She is living with him and John 11, Edward 11, Joseph 10, Henry 8, Lucy 6, Arthur 4, Ernest 2, and Alfred 1, all in Serpentine Street. Lily is with her Aunts. 1904 Lunchtime on 26th February Sarah Jane suddenly died, there was a corners inquest and his conclusion was reported in the MR Mail, she had died of heart failure, chronic nephritis and pregnancy. He also commented on her living with Edward Smith- unmarried as he was already married and that they had 11 children together.  1905 Edward Smith died, some of the children go to live with Edward’s step sisters, who have them baptised at St Thomas’ 1911 Census- Lily, Arthur, Ernest and Alfred are living with Miss Lucy Rushton and Miss Emily Rushton, 12 Oxford Street, the sisters own a lodging house.

John, Edward, Henry and Lucy are away working on farms. Joseph is a coal miner in Cudworth, and William is in hospital in London.

Seven of eight West boys served in the war, 2 in RN, 1 in RFC and 4 in the Army. Henry and Edward were killed in action.

Joseph enlisted in July 1911, listed as miner. He served all during the war on several ships. He retired from the RN in June 1921 his first and last ship was HMS VICTORY 11. and brother


John sometimes called Jack, was born in Market Rasen in 1889 (1890) John enlisted in August 1911, listed as a labourer and served all during the war on several ships. He retired from the RN in June 1921 his first and last ship was HMS VICTORY 11. John West, Chief Stoker on HMS Princess Royal, in RN since 1911. HMS battle cruiser Skirmisher, 4 years on Princess Royal. Home leave in July 1916 after the battle of Jutland. MRM July 1916

*George Wood

Born Market Rasen in 1897.

Enlisted in March 1915, listed as a labourer in steelworks. He started his career on HMS VIVID 1, and retired in May 1928, HMS EXCELLENT.