Photographers of Market Rasen 1850-1950

Photography in 1850s was new and exciting, but it was also very dangerous and expensive.Chemicals used in the processing were costly and inflammable!

The first Photographer listed in Market Rasen was in local trade directory of 1856, his name was George Whelpton. It was not easy to make a living as a photographer and George was also listed as a painter.

In 1861 census, Ebenezer Caney, aged 15, is listed as a photographer, his father William Caney is a successful watch maker and cutler.

1872 White’s Trade Directory lists three photographers in Market Rasen.

William CANEY- Queen Street, Henry WARREN- Queen Street and George WHELPTON – King Street.

They are also listed as picture frame makers, paperhanging dealers and hangers, painters, gilder, grainers (applying false grain on to wood) and watch makers. Photography is still expensive and these men cannot make a living solely as photographers.

William Caney’s three sons Benjamin, William and Ebenezer have emigrated and settled in South Africa. Each having a successful business in jewellery, watch making and photography.

Christopher T. Fieldhouse is listed as a picture frame maker, he did not venture into photography until 1876.

By the 1881 census, George Whelpton has given up photography, he listed as a painter and paper hanger. As has Henry Warren, he is the victualler of Manchester and Sheffield Inn. William Caney is now a watch maker.

Christopher T. Fieldhouse is listed as a photographer and general dealer. He later concentrated on photography with his son Christopher Samuel Fieldhouse

John Bissill Starbuck arrived in Market Rasen in 1887.

He was the first full time photographer in Market Rasen and a son of a photographer. He had been a photographer in Sutton St Mary, Norfolk before moving to Market Rasen. He continued ‘snapping’ into the 1930’s.

Frederic Chappell was a photographer in 1930-1950’s, later he worked in his shop selling and developing films.

During the 1950’s more photographs were printed in the Market Rasen Mail.

Rase Heritage Society has been given 90 glass negatives from the Mail. Most can be viewed on this website.

Teddy Sharpe was the MR Mail Editor, and sometime photographer, in the 1950’s and 1960’s. However, most of the Rasen photographers’ names have been lost in time.

Below presentation covers from Caney, C. Fieldhouse, H. Warren

Parish magazine 1900