Tradespeople of Market Rasen

 Butcher, Baker and Candle stick maker

Market Rasen was, and still is, a Market Town. Since the 1800’s traders have flocked to the town to sell their wares.

Weekly markets selling live stock and provisions. Horse markets in the street. In 1850s Market Rasen businessmen were so confident in themselves that they built 2 Corn Exchanges. Later, one became a market.

Market Rasen has a catchment area of 7/8 miles, attracting people to the markets, fairs, entertainment – dance hall and public houses.

Travelling medical men such as opticians and dentists would come for the day on a Market Day which was a Tuesday.

Also, once a year, people would travel into town for servant hiring day. This was May Day when the majority of servants, male and female, agricultural and domestic, change their situations and receive their wages due for past service,

The 1887 Hiring Fair was reported in the Market Rasen Mail 21st May. Hiring Fairs 1887

Altogether Market Rasen was a very busy town.

A high level of activity for the Butcher, Baker and the Candle stick maker…..

Lancaster & Sons Butchers 1892-today – GW Lancaster


Burn Brothers Bakers 1909-1945 Burn Brothers



Woffindin ironmonger Candle stick maker 1856-1907 Woffindin family