Three ex-servicemen died in 1919

During 1919 three ex-soldiers died and were buried in the town’s cemetery.

Sergeant George ES Smith, R.A.S.C George was a Regular soldier in the Royal Army Service Corps (Transport). He had been discharged due to sickness in Summer of 1918, and died on 6th September 1919, age 37 years.

Private Arthur W Toyne, R.E./A.S.C Arthur was a railway porter when he enlisted in Royal Engineers, later transferred to RASC. He was discharged from the Army in 1917 with TB. He died on 6th April 1919, aged 39 years.

L/C William A Cantwell, Lincolns Yeomanry William had several jobs, before enlisted in Lincolnshire Yeomanry. He was discharged from the Army in with TB and worked as a Police Constable for a while. He died on 15th November 1919, aged 36 years. 2017-his family asked for a CWGC headstone.