Sport and Recreational Clubs in Market Rasen

Sport Clubs listed in the 1914 Whittingham’s Compendium

Angling Club; Club House Gordon Arms Hotel

Rifle Club; Cricket Club-Market Rasen and District Club and the Thursday Team Club

Tennis Club- Willoughby Tennis Club, Elm Lea Tennis Club

Hockey Club- Willoughby Hockey Club, Elm Leas Hockey Club

Recreation and Old Boys Football Club

Recreational Club and Societies

Friendly Societies- Ancient Order of Foresters; Independent Order of Oddfellows; Sobriety Tent; International Order of Good Templars; National Deposit Friendly Society

Market Rasen & District Liberal Association; Market Rasen & District Constitutional Club

Market Rasen Town Band 1929

Market Rasen Choral Society; Market Rasen Amateur Operating Society, Market Rasen Town Band

Youth’s Recreation Room Club; St Thomas Change Ringers

In Kelly’s directory 1913

additional clubs listed-Market Rasen Golf Club; Market Rasen; District Tradesmen’s Association; Pig Club; Union Hunt Steeplechase

There have been many other Clubs and Societies in the town, some have continued until today, while others closed.

In the 1892 trade directory there is a Quoit Club listed.

Market Rasen Mail

In the 1930’s Cycling Clubs were very popular, often there would be a symbol over a building letting riders know they were welcome.

Sports events were very popular, often a Town event would end with Sports and games. The 1919 Peace Day Celebration had a very large sporting conclusion. See WW1 Peace Day for more details.