Rubbish or Treasure

Treasure or Rubbish

One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure as the saying goes. In 2021, it should be person but that does not scan properly!

In October 2016, a local detectorist gave the members a very interesting talk about his finds.

2020, several items were found in Morley Park, coins, buttons, 2 lead musk balls and an aeroplane

Other items in the Collection once considered rubbish.

1. Pottery from the Roman period. These bits of Roman Grey ware pottery were found in a garden in Linwood Road.

Roman coins were found by the River Rase, unfortunately they were stolen in 2013.

Clay pipe and lead nail were also found nearby.

Clay pipe bowls were thrown away when broken but now are collected, especially the highly decorated ones.

3. Some Council documents were rescued from a skip. As was the town sign now in the OPS courtroom.

4. Many of the bottles in our Collection were rescued from rubbish trips, skips and bins. The local children would smash the Codd bottles for the marbles.

5.  These items were donated to RHS back in 2013. The owner dropped them off at Rasen Hub. The receptionist decided that they were just rubbish and binned the lot. Luckily Stella was on hand to rescue them.

6. A bag of WLDC parking tokens were donated to RHS in 2013, the owner had dug them up while gardening.

? Why were they Buried?

7. I was shopping in the market and needed a plastic bag. The stallholder gave me this bag. It was a shop from the past-John Ellis of King Street, 1980s.

Some items were found in the soil, some rescued from skips and bins but all kept for a reason.

This photograph of a potato growing in a metal ring was taken in 1950s. The person was so amused by the find that he/she took this photograph and 70 years later we still have the photograph not the potato!

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