Royal Flying Corp/Royal Air Force

Roll of Honour, in Market Rasen Mail lists the following men as serving in Royal Flying Corp and Royal Air Force.

September 1914 C King RFC.

December 1915 C King RFC; W Shaw RN AS.

June 1916 C King RFC; W Shaw RN AS; O Everitt RFC; A Canty RFC;

GH Footitt R FC; FP Hopkins; W Peatfield.

September 1917 C King RFC; W Shaw RN AS; O Everitt RFC; A Canty RFC; GH Footitt RFC; FP Hopkins; W Peatfield; W Scott RFC; HJ Payne RFC;

WA Smith; SC Sharpe; FE Good.

September 1918 C King RFC; W Shaw RN AS; O Everitt RFC; A Canty RFC; GH Footitt RFC; FP Hopkins; W Peatfield; W Scott RFC wounded;

HJ Payne RFC; WA Smith; SC Sharpe; FE Good; W Adams RAF; W Colbeck;

F Lilley RAF; W Ward RAF; X Willingham; JR Wilkinson RFC.

The records listed other men from Market Rasen enlisting in RFC and RAF.

John Henry Barry

Arthur Boyers

George Henry Dunn

James Frederick Good

John Douglas Harris

William Morris

Harry Proctor


Herbert Edmund (Bert)Cottingham from Middle Rasen

(John) Henry Pepper from Linwood

Christopher Chambers from West Rasen

Clyde King 1893-1969

Walter Clyde was born on 20th December 1893 in Snitterby, his father William G is a carpenter and wheelwright. His mother Mary Jane. 1901 census, the family are living in Snitterby, father is a carpenter and wheelwright. 1907 Mary Jane died. 1911 census, Walter is living with his widower father (wheelwright) in Foundry House, Market Rasen. He is a wheelwright apprentice; his elder sister is housekeeper. 1914, 18th September, Clyde enlisted in RFC, service number 3037. 1918, September Roll of Honour in MRM listed as Flight Sergeant. 1919, Clyde married Evelyn M Willey. 1969, Clyde died in Hampstead.

Walter Shaw 1892-1967

Walter was born on 20th January 1892, his parents William G and Mary Shaw lived in Dear Street, Market Rasen. 1901 census, the family are living in Dear Street. 1911 census, Walter is listed as a plumber’s apprentice. He is living with his parents and siblings. He is one of four children and his father is listed as a Chemist’s porter. 1915, 15th July, Walter enlisted in the Royal Navy Air Service. He spent his war aboard ships working as an air mechanic. He is listed as an airman as well. 1917, W Shaw L.M.E., RNAS of H.M.S Riviera, says he was quite taken by surprise when he opened the box of good things, and he really must congratulate Mrs Searby on making such good pies, letter printed in Market Rasen Mail December 1917. 1924, Walter married Caroline B Hicks in Helston, Cornwell. 1939, census, he is listed as a second-hand car salesman, with Caroline in Helston. 1967, Walter died in Helston.

Oswald Everitt 1889-1950

Oswald was born in Aslackby in 1889. His parents are Alfred and Sarah Jane. 1901 census, the family are living in Aslackby. 1911 census, Oswald is a printer, his father is a harness manufacturer, family living in Aslackby. 1912, Oswald married Frances Mary Duffin. 1913, trade directory listed as a printer and in the Post Office, Frances is a dress maker and father Alfred is a saddler and clerk to the Parish Council. 1915, Oswald enlisted in RFC, service number 6656, on 29th June. 10th September 1915 to 22nd September 1916 he was stationed in France. 1918, 1st April joined RAF, discharged 30th April 1920. 1927, Oswald and Frances and 8 children left for Canada. Under the land settlement they went to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. More children and a shop-newsagent and printers. 1950, Oswald died. NB Aslackby is near Sleaford, so why in Market Rasen Mail ??family??

Arthur Henry Canty 1897-1945

Arthur was born on 22nd August 1897 in Roorkee. 1911 census, Arthur is living at home with his parents, William H Canty a retired professional soldier was working as a joiner, and Maria. They are living at 5 Nursery Street, Market Rasen. Also, there was three of his six siblings; Bertram, Horatio, and Alice. 1915, Arthur joined the Royal Flying Corps on 16th September, his number is 8694. Airman 1st class-sailmaker. 1918, wounded and hospitalized after a crash in France. 1927, He married 9th July 1927 to Martha Alice Mac Ray. 1945, Arthur died on 17th October 1945 in Carlton.

Arthur Canty after the War

George Hindley Footitt 1880-1955

George was born in Market Rasen in 1880, his father George senior is a Master Baker, his mother is Martha. They lived over the shop at 56 Queen Street. 1893, George’s mother Martha died and his father remarried in 1895. 1901 census, George H was working as a domestic cook in the Asylum in Nottingham. 1904, He married Emily Horner in Newark and moved back to Market Rasen. 1911 census, George and Emily and 3 children are living at 56 Queen Street. He is listed as a baker and confectioner. His father and stepmother are living and working in Tealby. Business in father’s name. 1915, 27th July George enlisted in RFC, service number 7315 (under Tootitt), Airman 1st class-cook. 1934, George took over the business when his father died and it is now G. H. Footitt. 1939, George, Emily and daughter are living over the shop in Queen Street. 1940’s George retired and the business is sold. 1955, 22nd July George died, he is living at 20 Linwood Road.

Frederick Page Hopkins 1885-1934

Frederick was born in Market Rasen on 10th March 1885, eldest son of John Joseph and Frances Maria Hopkins. John is a Currier, they live in George Street. 1901 census, Family in George Street. Frederick is Tailor, Thomas Victor 13yrs, Errand boy and Arthur Patrick 8. 1911 census, Frederick is with is parents in George Street, Frederick is a Tailor. Arthur is a journeyman Butcher with Mr Tasker in Queen Street and Thomas is with his Uncle and family in Lincoln, Grocers’ assistant. 1911, Autumn, married Elizabeth Butler. 1914, listed in Waterloo Street. 1916, 12th June enlisted in RFC, service number 31723.   Airman 1st class-cook. Arthur enlisted in January 1916 in Machine Gun Corp, and Thomas enlisted in Royal Garrison Artillery. 1934, died in Market Rasen.

Wilfred Peatfield 1895-1973

Wilfred was born on 3rd September 1895 in Ulceby. His parents John and Julia moved to Market Rasen. 1901 census, the family are living at 31 Queen Street. John is a mineral water manufacturer. 1911 census, Wilfred is at school, he and his parents and 2 sisters are living at 32 Waterloo Street. Father is a mineral water and pop manufacturer. 1916, 27th January Wilfred enlisted in RFC, service number 19528. Draughtman. 1917, Market Rasen Mail Roll of Honour, Wilfred is listed as Corporal. 1935, Wilfred married Mabel Turley in Coventry. 1939, Wilfred is listed as a Civil Servant in Air Ministry, in Coventry. Mabel is      living in Hendon. 1973, Wilfred died.

 William Scott

1917, listed in September issue of Market Rasen Mail as enlisted in RFC. 1918, listed in January issue of Market Rasen Mail as wounded. AC 2nd Class, Boy Service, 159910. He was an apprentice bricklayer before he enlisted.

Sidney Charles Sharpe 1891-1977

Sidney was born in Market Rasen in Summer of 1891, parents Charles and Ellen. 1901 census, Charles a foreman in a corn warehouse, his wife Ellen and son Sidney. 1911 census, Sidney is a shop assistant to Mr AJ Payne, a cycle agent. He is living with Mr Payne and his family in Chapel Street. 1915, He married Beatrice Blackwell. She lived with her family in Wisbech after Joyce was born in 1916. 1916, 27th July aged 25 years old, Sidney enlisted in RFC, his service number 40518. His next of kin is his wife Mrs C (Beatrice) Sharpe. 1918, listed in January issue of Market Rasen Mail as Corporal SC Sharpe RFC. Corporal mechanic-fitter.

Henry James Payne 1889-1955

Henry was born in Market Rasen on 29th November 1889, his father Henry was a Chemist and mother Clara. 1901 census, he is at home in Market Rasen with is family. 1911 census, Henry is a coach painter in Huddersfield. 1913, he married Eliz Hill. 1915, daughter Eileen was born. 1916, 7th June he enlisted in the RFC, service number 31347. Airman 1st class-painter. 1939, Henry and his wife and family are living in Rippingale, Otley, Yorkshire. He is listed as a motor vehicle painter.

WA Smith

1917, September issue of Market Rasen Mail WA Smith listed as RFC. 1918, September issue of Market Rasen Mail WA Smith listed as RFC.

Frank Elmhirst Good 1893-1966

Frank Elmhirst was born on 11th December 1893, father James was a Rural Postman, his second wife and ex house keeper Ellen. 3 of their 4 children died by 1911 census. 1901 census, 15 Dear Street, with parents and 2 step-brothers James and William. 1911 census, 15 Dear Street with parents, Frank is an Ironmonger apprentice and William. 1917, 25th April Frank enlisted in RFC, his service number was 79113. 1918, 24th September his elder step-brother James enlisted in RAF, number 298020. Airman 2nd class-coppersmith. 1939, Frank is listed as a Tinsmith and is living with his mother Ellen at 15 Dear Street. 1966, 11th July Frank died.

Walter Adams 1870-

Walter was born in 1870 in Legsby, his father John was a Farmer, mother Susan Mary. 1881 census, Gosberton Hall Boarding School. 1885, Walter aged 15 years joined the Midlands Railway as an Office Youth. 1981 census, he is at home with is family on the farm at Collow Grange. He is listed as a Clerk on Railway. 1899, he retires from the Railway. 1901 and 1911 census records? 1915, Walter’s father John died. 1918, 16th August, Walter enlisted in the RAF, his service number is 285519, records state that he was 3 years younger! Private 2nd class-as armourer. His mother Susan is listed as his next of kin, she is living in Market Rasen.

William Colbeck 1880-1924

William was born in 1880 in Louth, parents Charles and Elizabeth. 1901 census, William is a watch maker in Sunderland. 1907, he married Wilhelmina Elizabeth Hornsby. 1911 census, the family are living in Church Street. William is a jeweller and watch maker. 1913, Kelly’s directory, shop in 28 Queen Street. 1918, William enlisted in RAF. 1924, William died on 24th October.

Frederick Walter Lilley 1890

Frederick was born on 12th June 1890 and baptised on 6th July 1890. His parents are Walter and Charlotte and his father is a Poulter. 1891 census, the family are living at 13 Nursery Street. 1901 census, the family are still at 13 Nursery Street, Frederick’s sister is living with her Grandparents. 1911 census, Walter and Charlotte and their 3 boys are living at 13 Nursery Street. Fred is a Jeweller shop assistant. Brother William and Tom. 1914, family in Nursey Street. 1918, Fred married Lucy J Trenholme. 1918, 23rd April, Fred enlisted in the R.A.F, service number 161847. Airman 2nd class-instrument maker. MRM Roll of Honour listed 2nd AM F Lilley RAF, Brother William is listed in Lincolnshires. 1918, 8th September daughter Doris was born. 1939, Fred and his daughter Doris are living in Leeds. Lucy not at home. Fred is listed as a foreman watchmaker and repairer.

Walter Ward 1873-1952

Walter was born in Sheffield on 1st November 1873, father Joshua a Labourer and mother Harriet. 1891 census, 17 year old Walter is in Handsworth with family. He is a general           labourer like his father. 1897, Walter married Lucy Elizabeth Bell in Market Rasen on 14th March. 1901 census, Walter, Lucy, daughter and mother in law are living at 16 Chapel Street. Walter is a fish fryer. 1911 census, Walter and family are in Chapel Street, fried fish dealer. 1918, Walter enlisted in RAF on 9th August, service number 282853. Private 2nd class-cook. In the September issue of Market Rasen Mail he is listed as in RAF. 1939, Retired fish fryer with Lucy in Walesby Road. 1952, Walter died in the Autumn.

X Willingham

Arnold Frederick Willingham 1901-1958 maybe this man? Arnold was born in Burringham on 14th January 1901, parents Frederick and Louisa. 1901 census, they are in Burringham, father is a Railway signalman. 1911 census, they are in Althorpe, Arnold is at school. 1914, The family move to Market Rasen, Waterloo Street. 1919, 14th January Arnold enlisted with RAF on his 18th birthday, he is listed or X Willingham is listed in September Roll of Honour as in RAF. He may have been a cadet before his 18th birthday. Cadet Private-fitter. 1939, Arnold is an Electric welder in Bradford, single. His parents are living at 27 Dear Street. Frederick listed as retired Railway signalman. 1944, Arnold married Annie M Malkin in the Spring, his father Frederick died and was buried in Market Rasen on 10th July 1944. 1948, Louisa his mother died and was buried in Market Rasen on 28th October. 1958, Arnold died on 27th May in Bournemouth.

John Robert Wilkinson 1891-1962

John was born 7th April 1891 in Market Rasen, his father John Robert is a maltster’s labourer and his mother is Alice Millicent. 1901 census, the family are living in Serpentine Street. 1911 census, the family have moved to Scunthorpe. John and his younger sister are with their parents. John is a joiner. 1916, 4th February John enlisted in RFC, service number 45641. Acting Corporal-rigger. 1919, John married Mary Ellen Judson, they are living in Sixhills and John is listed as a journey joiner. 1939, John and Mary and 3 children are living in Lincoln. John is a Foreman joiner. 1962, 28th January John died in Lincoln.

John Henry Barry 1885-1949

John Henry was born in Market Rasen on 15th April 1885. Bartholomew and Martha. Father around for birth of brother in 1890. 1891 census, John and William are living with their mother Maria. All are living with their Grandparents Joseph and Ann Fiddling in Prospect Place. 1901 census, John is in Wigston Magma, Leicestershire, he is living with his brother William at their Uncle and family’s home. Uncle Frederick Farrar is a shoe manufacturer (Engineer). 1910, John married Ada Jane Small in Leicester. 1911 census, they are living with her parents in Leicester. Their first born has died, John is a shoe riveter. 1917, He enlisted in RFC on 25th September, his number was 238799. Ac 1st class-labourer. 1939, Ada is living alone in Leicester, she is a hosiery mender. John is in Leicester Mental Hospital, incapacitated engineer. 1949, John died.

Arthur Boyers 1898-1958

Arthur was born in Market Rasen on 27th October 1898. His parents?, 1901 census, Arthur is listed as Nurse child, living with John and Elizabeth Clark in Kirby cum Osgodby. John is a shoemaker. 1911 census, Arthur schoolboy boarding with Mr and Mrs Clark in Kirby cum Osgodby. 1918, 5th June, Arthur enlisted in RAF, service number 192578. Airman 2nd class-rigger. His next of kin is listed as Foster father John Clark. 1922, Arthur marries Doris C Mulligen. 1924, daughter John is born in Ashby. 1925-1936 Arthur and his family are in Uganda. Arthur is in the Civil Service and stationed in Uganda. They return home regularly. 1939, listed as on leave staying at the Red Lion Hotel in Caistor. Arthur is a Civil Servant Uganda Protectorate. Also listed as RAF Reserve. 1949, Ordinary Member of Civil Division, Senior Supervisor, Public Works Dept. Uganda. Arthur is awarded a M.B.E. 1958, Arthur died in Cosham, Hampshire on 17th May. Doris died in 1965.

George Henry Dunn 1887-

George was born in Market Rasen on 8th November 1889, his father Frederick is the famous Boot and Shoe Manufacturer. His mother is Hannah. 1900, the family moved to Lincoln, the business remained in Market Rasen for a while longer. Mr Dunn had shops in several towns. 1901 census, George is with his parents and 6 siblings in Lincoln. 1911 census, George is an Auctioneer’s Clerk in Willoughby, Alford. 1914, George married Evelyn Emmie Enderby, in Asterby. 1916, 15th December George enlisted in the Royal Flying Corps, service number 77754, Airman 2nd class-driver. George and Evelyn are in Boston when their first daughter is born. Joyce. 1939, George and Evelyn are living in Boston, he is an Auctioneer and valuer. Air Raid Warden, Holland C.C

James Frederick Good 1882-1941

Born in Market Rasen in 1882, parents James and Mary Good, father is a Currier. 1890, His Mother died. 1891 census, with father James, brother William and sister Ida. Housekeeper is Ellen Brumpton. 1893, Father married Ellen and baby brother Frank was born in December 1893. 1901 census, 15 Dear Street, with father and step-mother, brother William and step-brother Frank. Ida is with their Grandma Good. 1909, James married Ethel Smith. 1911 census, Family in Dear Street. James and Ethel are at 9 King Street. He is a Tailor. 1918, 24th September, James enlisted in RAF, number 298020. Private 2nd class-fab worker. 1939, listed as Postman and Tailor at 9 King Street with Ethel. 1941, James died and was buried in Market Rasen on 12th February.

John Douglas Harris 1902-

John was born in Market Rasen on 16th June 1902, his parents are Albert and Edith. 1911 census, Albert Harris is a Grocer and the family are living at 16 Queen Street. 1914, Albert Harris is listed as a Grocer in Queen Street. 1918, 21st November John enlisted in the Royal Air Force, his service number is 159968. Cadet-boy service. He is only 16 years old. His next of kin is listed as Mr Dunn.

William Morris 1869-1945

William was born in Market Rasen on 20th January 1869, second child of Thomas and Lucy Morris. His father was a Solicitor’s clerk. 1974, The family left Market Rasen, and moved to West Bromwich, where William’s sister was born in 1875. 1881 census, family in West Bromwich. 1890, William married Annie Hill. 1891 census, William and Annie and baby Lilly are living at Aston, Birmingham. He is a Tailor. 1901 census, William is now a Baker and Confectioner with 4 children. He and Annie are living in Leicester. 1911 census, William is a Baker, all 5 of his children are living at home, in Leicester. Annie is a Framework knitter. 1918, 25th July William enlisted, RAF, service number 277061. Private 2nd class-aircraft hand. 1929, Annie died. 1939, William is listed as a retired store dealer, widower living alone in Leicester. 1945, William died in Leicester.

Harry Proctor 1893-1963

Harry was born in Normanby le Wold on 27th March 1893, parents are George William Proctor and Emma King. (Parents marry in 1894.) 1901 census, Harry is with his mother Emma and 4 siblings in Lincoln. Father is off working? 1911 census, George and Emma and the children are living in Lincoln. George is working at the gas works and Harry is a servant? cutter. 1915, 20th May Harry enlisted in RFC, service number 5632. Airman-rigger. He is listed as born in Market Rasen. 1919, Harry married Bertha A Tandy. 1923, twin boys are born, followed by 2 more boys and a girl. 1939, listed as living with Bertha and the 5 children in Bracebridge, Lincoln. Harry is a Foreman Capstan Lathe Machinist. 1963, Harry died in Lincoln.

Herbert Edmund (Bert)Cottingham 1892-1971

Bert was born on 16th March 1892 in Scotter, parents George Walter, a grocer from Owmby and Emma. 1911 census, Bert is listed as a general servant in Scotter. 1915 10th October disembarked in France, 1st Class Air Mechanic in the Royal Flying Corps Airman 1st class-observer. Corporal 3232 RFC, Flight Sergeant RAF 3232. 1917 15th May, Bert is mentioned in Dispatches in the London Gazette. 1927 married Mary E Wray, they had no children. Part of the family of Butchers and bakers in Market Rasen and North Lincolnshire. Bert was involved in the business and lived in Barton- upon- Humber. 80 High Street. 1960 Living at Yuba House, Dam Road. Partner in Cottingham Brothers Limited. 1971 Bert died in 1971.

Henry Pepper 1880-1936

Henry was born in Timberland, John Henry Pepper. Or Martin or Waddington or Linwood. His father is a Shepherd and moved around with his job. 1881 census, with family in Blankney. 1891 census, with family in Waddington. 1901 census, not with family? 1909, Henry married Ruth Towers in Lissington. 1911 census, Henry and Ruth and baby Harry are in Grimsby. He is a Postman. 1918, Henry enlisted in the RAF, on 31st May, his service number was 145224. Sergeant-discipline. He is listed as born in Linwood. 1936, Henry died in Grimsby.

Christopher Chambers 1895-1981

Christopher was born in West Rasen on 9th February, his parents are Thomas and Maria. 1901 census, Christopher is living at home in West Rasen with his family. Thomas is the Groom and gardener at the Vicarage. 1911 census, Christopher is a joiner apprentice. 1918, 17th April Christopher enlisted in the RAF, service number 160030. Airman 1st class-rigger. 1939, Christopher and his wife Florence and son Alan are living in Nottingham. He is an Engineer joiner. 1981, Christopher died.