Post Office Archives notes on Market Rasen

List of Post masters and mistress 1795-1960

1795 Mrs Susan Auty 1807 Mr Bell

1808/9 Mr Cox 1810 Mrs E Cox

1832 Mr J L Thornton 1854 Mr William Goodson

1866 Mr J Rhoades 1875 Mr W Cocking

1901 Miss C A Cocking 1922 Mr A W Stockley

1926 Mr T Neilson 1932 Mr W Parr

1951 Mr W C Ward 1957 Mr R W Best

1960 Mr T Harkis


  • From our records the first reference we can find to Market Rasen is an entry in an “Old Debts Ledger” as follows:-
  • “1795 January 5th Market Raisin-Susan Auty- Dr
  • To Balance due. £17.17.10
  • 1795 October 10th by cash £10.10.0
  • Balance due on 5 th April 1800. £7.7.10
  • Ref post 9/45


  • Market Raisin Deputyship
  • Mr Blathway’s application in favour of Mrs Lundy- April 1807
  • Mr Freding
  • “For Lord Buckinghamshire “
  • Mrs Charlotte Lundy is the person here recommended- I know nothing of the writer. The balance of the Office is £26 per annum.
  • Mr Freding will have received directions from Lord Buckinghamshire to make out the appointment of Mr Bell to this Office. signed Buckinghamshire
  • Ref post 35/6


  • Discontinuance of the direct post between Market Raisin Caistor and Grimsby. Petition from Market Rasin enclosed in Mr Wedirn’s report of 14 December 1808.
  • Memorial against alteration of the route-refused.
  • Mr Freding’s minute to the Postmaster’s General.
  • Approved signed Sandwich and Chichester. Ref post 35/6
  • Market Raisin vacancy
  • Letter from Mr Bell begging to retain the Office- 24 December 1808
  • Mr Freding
  • “For Lord Chichester”
  • I have told this poor man it is impossible that he should be restored. In fact I have ascertained from the Surveyor that it could be of no eventual benefit to him. Has Lord Chichester decided on the person to fill up this “Vacancy”
  • What is it worth and who has applied for it signed Chichester.
  • Mr Freding Freeling
  • “The salary is £26 and may be worth £30 per annum.
  • An application for the Office was made to Lord Chichester about 10 days since by Mr Boncherett
  • I am very willing to take Mr Boncherett’s recommendation if no application comes from the Treasury. Signed Chichester. Ref post 35/6


  • For the PMG
  • Your Lordship will be of opinion that Mr Scott has acted very properly in submitting the enclosed letter from the Postmaster of Market Raisin containing that indecent and improper paragraph at the the conclusion which I have underscored with red ink.
  • Signed Freding Freeling 5 February 1810.
  • These papers should be produced at the Board. Signed Sandwich
  • Mr J J Augustein’s letter to the PMG in behalf of Mr Cox the Postmaster who had sent an improper letter to his surveyor.
  • To be further considered on Wednesday. Signed Chichester. Ref 35/7
  • Market Raisin Deputyship
  • Mr Cox’s Decease. Mr Augustein’s recommendation of his widow- 6 August 1810. Approved- signed Sandwich and Chichester. Ref post 35/8


  • Market Raisin and Caistor
  • Memorial for direct post from Lincoln through places to Grimsby. Acknowledged by Mr Fletcher 31 October1835.
  • This must stand over until the Surveyor has had times to report further upon it. Signed Lichfield. Ref 35/20


  • Boston and Hull Mail Coach to be under the superintendence of the Mail Coach Dept.
  • Notice to quit given to the Stickney and Horncastle and Spittal and Market Raisin ride contractors with compensation to them. Spilsby to Bolingbroke Foot Messenger set up to serve the latter town. Mr Karstadt 31 March 1838. Approved Lichfield. Ref post 35/25


  • Hull and Boston road out of repair in the neighbourhood of Market Rasen. The Parishes to be processed against. Approved Lichfield 7 December 1839. Ref post 35/33


  • Market Rasen
  • Application from the inhabitants of the villages near that town that their letters may be delivered to them by the Letter Carrier for a small fee. Mr Warren – 10 July 1840. Approved Lichfield 17 July 1840. Ref post 35/35


  • Market Rasen
  • Application from Postmaster at for an allowance in aid of assistance. Refused. L 12 April 1845. Ref post 35/64- PMG Min 1797/1845.
  • Market Rasen and Gainsborough
  • Ride between discontinued. Ref post 35/67- PMG Min 6202/1845
  • Louth and Market Rasen- Mail Cart
  • Mr Thornton’s tender accepted. Ref post 35/68- PMG Min 6903/1845


  • Market Rasen
  • Letter Carriers wages increased. £25 a year allocated for assistance. Application for a Mail Cart from Lincoln.


  • Market Rasen and Binbrook. Mr Pills tender accepted. Market Rasen and Wragby-Mail Cart established between
  • Mail Cart to be continued under additional guarantee of Mr Huntley. Ref post 35/115
  • Market Rasen and Lincoln- Mr Nibbetts Tender accepted
  • Sunday post discontinued. Ref post 35/115


  • Market Rasen and Caistor- Railway to be deferred. Postmaster resignation. Ref post 35/115


  • Market Rasen -Salary of Postmaster increased.


  • Market Rasen- Pillar Box erected. Ref post 35/199


  • Memorial for discontinuance of Sunday Delivery- refused.
  • Day Mail established-Allowance for Station Service
  • Market Rasen and Towns in East Lincs- Memorial for improved communication. Ref post 35/248


  • Market Rasen- Rhoades J- appointed Postmaster


  • Station Service transferred to Letter Carrier whose wages are raised.


  • Market Rasen – Telegraphy alternative fittings. Ref post 32/295


  • Market Rasen and Binbrook. Messenger allowance for horse keep.
  • Postmaster reprimanded for allowing boys in Office under authorised age. Ref 35/344


  • Market Rasen- Postmaster’s salary increased.


  • Day Mail Service arrangements and additional Station Service Allowance. Ref post 35/401


  • North Willingham-Delivery arrangements


  • Market Raisin- Parcel Post- cost of establishing
  • North Willingham- Sub Postmaster cautioned. Ref post 35/476


  • Market Rasen Post Office enlargement. Allowance for rent raised. Ref post 35/708


  • Market Rasen, New Post Office. Allowance for rent raised.


  • Station Service. Allowance raised. Ref post 35/832


  • Market Rasen-Cocking W, Postmaster above 60. Not to be retired.


  • Market Rasen. Office reduced from Class D to Class E. ref post 35/913


  • Market Rasen, Cocking W, Postmaster. Inefficient through age- Retirement.
  • Cocking W Postmaster- Appeal against retirement
  • Cocking, Miss for appointment as Postmistress


  • Market Rasen. Head Post Office-Lease taken by PMG.
  • Cocking Miss C A postmistress. Accident on Duty. Medical Expenses paid by Department. Ref post 35/1001


  • West Rasen and Bishopbridge. Rural Post extended-Rural Auxiliary wages raised.


  • Griffiths. Dr J C appointed Medical Officer, Barton and Trumper, Drs associated with


  • Medical Officer, Park Dr H W appointed and association of partners, Barton & Jackson, Drs. Ref 35/1112


  • Salary of Postmistress raised. Post Office improved accommodation. Rent raised. Ref 35/1256


  • Market Rasen. Reduced to rank of Sub-Office under Lincoln Telephone Office offered under guarantee to Lyne and Sons G A ref 35/1404

Downgraded from Head Office to Sub-Office

and correspondence reduced.


  • Market Rasen- Hours of business restricted. Female Assistant in lieu of S C & Telst.


  • Market Rasen. Salary Revisions- Sub Postmistress efficiency impaired by deafness.


  • Market Rasen.-Sub Postmistress’s salary raised. Increased Allowance for Telephone Working. Ref 35/1675