It is questionable whether Market Rasen has ever previously been so profusely decorated and beflagged as on Saturday last, the day on which practically the whole nation gave itself to the celebrating of peace.  The weather, except for an occasional shower in the evening, was fine, and everybody appeared to have spent a most enjoyable day.  The cost of the celebrations was borne by voluntary contributions, over £192 being raised, it being understood that any surplus money was to go towards providing some kind of entertainment for the returned soldiers.  Most of the premises in the town had been decorated with flags and bunting etc., and there were one or two striking inscriptions.  Mr Harris in Queen Street had posted on a flag the words ”To the fallen: Love, remembrance, and thanks, from a grateful town.”  At the entrance to the Elms, amidst flags, etc., there was the inscription, “Thanks be to God; Honour to our brave Allies and to our glorious Army and Navy.”  Across the road from Mr Colbeck’s house to Payne and Starbuck’s a streamer was hung on which was printed the words, “Cheerio for the boys.”  The first prize for the best decorated premises was won by Mr Hall in Dear Street, with a kind of triumphal arch of flags, bunting, flowers, etc. amidst which were posted the words “The Army and Navy for ever.”  Mr W Sanderson in Queen Street was awarded the second prize, and Mr E Morley the third, the latter being an exceptionally tasteful display.  The day commenced with the ringing of a merry peal on the bells of the Parish Church, which were also rung at intervals during the day. 

At 10.45 about 100 service and ex-service men visited the cemetery and placed laurel wreaths on the graves of soldier comrades buried there.  This was followed by a united service in the Parish Church, after which the ex-soldiers and Cadet Company lined up in the Market Place and the Band played “The King.” 

One of the chief features of the day was the procession in the afternoon in which some 700 or 800 people took part.  On the return of the procession to the Market Place the children were kindly given a free exhibition of cinema pictures by Mr L Pycock.  During the afternoon the tradesmen’s turnouts were judged by Messrs T E Smith and R Bygott, the first prize being awarded to Mr J Searby, whilst the Brewery Company and Mr Osborne were equal second.  There were no entries for the gents fancy dress, but in the ladies class the first prize as awarded to Miss Cissie Oak and the second to Miss Connie Dawson. Mr Sam Starbuck had a walk-over in the class for best decorated car, his being the only entry, but in point of effective decoration it would have been very difficult to turn out a better.  When the children came out of the Picture House they proceeded to their respective Sunday Schools, where a sumptuous tea was provided, the youngsters showing their appreciation in a manner which only youngsters can.  Considerable interest was taken in a 100 yds race for a wager in the afternoon between Mr G Flintham and Mr A Cocking, the latter giving the former yards for years.  It was a very exciting finish, Mr Cocking winning by about a yard.  After tea the decorated bicycles, fancy dress competitors and Mrs Footitt’s fairy dancers assembled in the Market Place and, preceded by the Band, march to the Sport’s Field on the Willingham Road, which had been kindly lent by Mr P J Timms.  Before the commencement of the sports an exhibition of dancing was given by Mrs Footitt’s troupe of fairy dancers, who looked very picturesque in their brilliant costumes.  The way in which they went through their various performances reflects great credit on their tutor and themselves.  Miss D Staniforth accompanied the dancing at the piano, she having ably assisted Mrs Footitt in this direction in the training of the youngsters.  At night the town  presented a brilliant appearance, many premises being tastefully illuminated with fairy lamps, though the effect in some instances was diminuished by the rain.  The first prize for the best illuminated premises was given to Mr E Kemmery of the Aston Arms, the second to Mr J G Topliss, Queen Street, and the third to Miss Cocking of the Post Office.  The whole of the arrangements worked smoothly, and best thanks are due to the various committees who in such a short time got together such an excellent and comprehensive programme; and carried out their respective duties in a whole-hearted and thorough manner.

The arrangements in connection with the day’s proceedings were in the hands of the following committees; – Finance- Messrs B A Lowe (convener), S R Robinson, J Cooper, J H Nettleship, T Hill, C Conway, R Scupham and J W Watson.  Procession committee – Messrs J W Upex (convener), A J Tillett, F MacGillivray, A Drakes, and W Gledhill.  Town decoration and illumination committee – Messrs W J Strickland (convener), T Bonnett, E Morley, A A Padley, H Timms, and W H Coates.  Children’s tea committee – Messrs E Morley (convener), J G Topliss, B Hardy, J F Beetlestone, W G Evision, and Rev B Wilson.  Sports committee – Messrs A Drakes, W Scott, W A Ward, Guy Smith, Jos Searby, R Bygott, L Pycock and W Wilson (ground committee); Messrs C Robinson, T H Court, H H Clews, W B Shilton and E Morley (marksmen); Messrs F C Burrell, J H Nettleship, C Robinson and W A Ward (handicappers for open events); Messrs J W Burn and W Casterton (tape men); Messrs T B Baty, F C Burrell, P J Timms and G H Timms (judges); Messrs J H Nettleship (starter), W A Ward (bellman), and C R Herring (prize money paymaster); Messrs W Casterton, N Topliss, W A Smith, P E Toplis and Guy Smith (dancing). 

The arrangements at the various Sunday Schools for the children’s tea were in the hands of the following, assisted by the day and Sunday school teachers and others: – Church of England Sunday School, Mesdames Dalton, Cash and Crow and Mr H Greenwood; Wesleyan, Mesdames F Clark and S R Robinson and Messrs H Hutchinson and F Coxon; United Methodist (trayholders), Mesdames T Taylor, J Green, J W Eyre, B Hardy, T Douse and C Fieldhouse; Primitive Methodist – Mesdames Horsfield, Blanchard, West, Islip and Warren.