Page Family

Page family of Clock and Watchmakers 1822-1944

Clock face of a longcase clock in North America in 1970s

John Hargrave Page born in Sleaford in 1791. Parents Solomon and Elizabeth Page nee Hargrave. John Page married Elizabeth Newton in Sleaford in 1813. Their first son John junior was born in 1814. Second son George was born in Sleaford in 1820.

The family move to Market Rasen, John Page is listed as a Watchmaker in George Street in 1826 directory.

1835 directory John Page listed at the Market Place.

1841 census, John Page, 50 yrs and Elizabeth in the Market Place, children, Watchmaker

son George Page 20 years, is a Watchmaker in Sleaford, and John Page junior, 25 years, in the Market Place, Watchmaker.

1844 John Page junior married Rose (Rosa) King in Market Rasen

1849 directory lists John Page and John Page junior, Market Place, watchmakers

1851 census, John junior, Rose and four children living and working in the Market Place.         John senior, clock and watchmaker, listed with his son George a watchmaker in Navenby. Living with him or visiting?  Elizabeth is living in Market Place, Market Rasen with sons- James, Charles, Thomas and grandson James.

1856 trade directory, John Page, Market Place, clock and watchmaker

1861 census, John junior and Rose, Queen Street, watchmaker, with William 14 watchmaker, John 12, Thomas 5, Frederick 2 and 3  daughters.    John senior and Elizabeth?

John junior and Rosa’s son William died in 1863. A year later, 1864 John senior died aged 74 years.

1871 census, John watchmaker, Rosa and children living and working in Queen Street. Son Thomas is a watchmaker apprentice in Rasen: son John Austin (junior) is a watchmaker in Caistor. Mrs Elizabeth Page is living in Prospect Place, with three grandchildren.

Elizabeth died and was buried on 28th November 1875.

1876 Kelly’s directory listed the following Watchmakers of Lincolnshire

          George Page in Navenby and his son George Page in Donnington.

          John Page in Market Rasen and his son John Austin Page in Caistor.

1880 Rose (Rosa) died.

John Page Market Rasen

1881 census, John widower, Thomas watchmaker, daughter Harriet is housekeeper living and working in Queen Street.   John Austin Page is a Watchmaker in South Street, Caistor.

1885 last listing for John Page junior

1889 listing in directory Thomas Page, last listing in Caistor for John A Page.

1891 census, 22 Queen Street,  John and Thomas both listed as watchmakers, and Frederick stonemason.   John A Page has moved from Caistor to Doncaster, now pub landlord.

1892, John senior died. Thomas married Emma Bocock. They had been together since 1886, their first son Cyril was born on 1887.

1905 Stamford Mercury report

1901 census, Thomas watchmaker, wife Emma and four sons, Cyril,  Bernard, John, and Louis at 22 Queen Street.

1911 census, Thomas watchmaker, Emma and four sons, 46 Serpentine Street.

1914-1919, Cyril POW, Bernard killed in 1916 at the Battle of the Somme.

1937 Kelly’s directory, shop listed at 22 Queen Street.

1938, Emma died.

1939 census retired watchmaker, with son John (printer) 46 Serpentine Street

1944 Thomas died.

Page Market Rasen

John 1791-1865 clock and watchmaker

Two of his sons were Watchmakers John junior and George. Other sons were Tailors, Joiners and Thomas joined the Army.

John 1814-1892 clock and watchmaker

Three of his sons trained as Watchmakers. But

William, watchmaker, 1845-1863, died young aged 18 years.

John A, watchmaker, then became a Pub Landlord, 1849-1903.

Thomas, watchmaker in Market Rasen 1856-1944

 Thomas 1856-1944 clock and watchmaker

Four sons no watchmakers

Cyril Thomas Page Bocock 1887-1969, Tailor

John Austin Page 1892- 1958, Printer

Bernard George 1897- 1916, killed at the Battle of the Somme, Butcher

Louis Redvers 1900-1979, Secretary to Farmer

Thank you to John Austin Page’s 2xgreat grandson for the photograph. Clock believed to have been made in 1835.