Market Rasen

This is the ongoing story of the Rasen area Heritage. It is broken down into key sections to male it easy to navigate the journey – it can be very long!

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The selections are self explanatory

The Town                               the buildings, the streets, land, architecture .  . . .

The People                            significant individuals, families, business leaders, pioneers . . .

The Workplace                     Activities in foundries, Mills, shops, breweries . . . .

World War One                   The Rasen area and its part in this conflict

World War Two                   The Rasen area and its part in  World War 2

The Uprising                          Back to the 1600’s

The Enclosures                     When everything changed throughout England

The heritage covers Market Rasen, and the areas abounding the river Rase as a locator. There is now a separate section on Middle Rasen as we have now completed research of much, but not all, of its story in the early part of the 20th century.

We are continually adding content to make it as in-depth as possible. It will always be changing as we learn more from our research.