Methodists in Market Rasen

Methodism in Market Rasen

1800, A Methodist Chapel is built in Jameson Bridge Street. Grimsby Wesleyan   Methodist Circuit. The property of Samuel Fox.

1801, population 774

1813, Grimsby Wesleyan Methodist Circuit became the Market Rasen Wesleyan Methodist Circuit.

1819, Primitive Methodists arrive in town.

The Primitives broke away from Wesleyan and the controversy gave rise to the Wesleyan Reform movement. Which is why Market Rasen had 3 Methodist Chapels.

1821, population 1166

1836, The Chapel in Jameson Bridge Street was sold to the Grimsby Primitive Methodist

1838, The Wesleyan Methodist moved to a new Chapel in Chapel Street, they sell  their old Chapel in Jameson Bridge St.

1847, Jameson Bridge Street Chapel- Market Rasen Primitive Methodist circuit. Until 1933, 1933-1940 under the Market Rasen and Caistor Circuit. Closed in 1940. The building was sold in 1943 and was a warehouse before  becoming a Masonic Hall.

1850, The Wesleyan Methodist Day School opens and closes in 1853.

1851, population 2110

            A National Religious Census reveals that Nonconformity (including Catholicism) is much stronger in Market Rasen than the Church of  England.

            C of E-380; RC-268;             Primitive Methodist-215; Wesleyan   Methodist-430

            The Free Methodists use the Victoria Rooms, in Union Street (behind Stitch Witch is in 2021)

 Methodists over 800 in total- Tradesmen and women, business men, Middle Class, new money, but also Farmers and labourers. Many were lay perishers, Sunday school teachers, most were hard workers, full of community spirit and charity.

1852, The Free Methodist build a Chapel off the north end of Union Street, behind now Starbucks

            Victoria Rooms opposite the Chapel used by the Salvation Army and later the WI. It must have been a big building as it is recorded in 1858, that there was a Tea for 500 poor people.   Tea, entertainment and sport events, parades were very popular with all.

1858, There is an indenture for the purchasing of land in Market Rasen to build villas and outbuildings for Methodists.

1859, Land purchased in Union Street for the new Chapel for the Free Methodists             (Wesleyan Reform).

1861, population 2563

1861,  Free Methodists Chapel in Union Street opens and closed in  1963, seats 500.

1863, the Wesleyan Chapel in Chapel Street is built on the grounds of the old             demolished chapel.


1866, the Primitive Methodist erect a new frontage to the Chapel in Jameson Bridge Street, seats 300.

            New organ in the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel.

1870, New organ in the Free Methodist Chapel.

1871 The Wesleyan Methodist open a Day School in Kilnwell Road. Now part of   the C of E Primary School.           

1905, Kelly’s directory lists the following-

            Free Methodists= Rev. George W Bishop; Rev. Robert Trolley

            Primitive Methodists= Rev. John Redhead

            Wesleyan Methodists= Rev. William W Corin; Rev. John J Ward

Lost Chapels

1940, the Primitive Methodist Chapel in Jameson Bridge Street closed.

2019, the Chapel in Union Street was demolished after being empty for many   years.


Photographs of inside the Wesleyan Chapel in Chapel Street.

Compartments for families at an annual rent. Two first floor classroom now the circuit offices.

The parish room added in 1891, stage and kitchen.

1936 complete renovation £600, in 2001 more work needed at a cost of £94,00.

Only congregation of 100.

1950s used as a concert hall.