Men from the Rasen area who died during World War II

Market Rasen and Middle Rasen

Market Rasen Mail 1945 1st September

WW11 Roll of Honour

Arthur R WOODCorporalPioneer Corps
Eugene MORRISSapperRoyal Engineers
Frances COCKINGSergeant PilotRAF
John T SELLARSAble SeamanRoyal Navy
Bert SCOTTAble SeamanRoyal Navy
Albert G T PALMEROrd. TelegraphistRoyal Navy
James W HOLMESPrivate1st Lincolnshire
Arthur L KINGAble SeamanRoyal Navy
Jack (John) COLLINSLance BombardierRoyal Artillery
James E CHAMBERS(SMITH)Aircraftman 1st classRAFVR
Roy S HALLAble SeamanRoyal Navy
Roy SMITHSgt Air GunnerRAF
Victor A EASTSergeant PilotRAF
William A FOWLIEFlying OfficerRAFVR
Frederick F B BURGESSFlight SergeantRAF
Robert E TAYLORFlight Sergeant PilotRAF
Cecil AJ NICHOLSONCaptainIrish Guards
Joseph SKAYMANStokerR N P S
Crew of Lancaster *1RAF
James D HANCOCKFlight LieutenantRAF
Eric PLUMTREEPrivate4th Lincolnshire
Ronald W SUTTONFlight SergeantRAF
Crew of Wellington *2RCAF
Eric C MYERSTrooperRAC
Cyril G ATKINPrivateNorthamptonshire
John E SMITHGunnerRoyal Artillery
Jack HORNGunnerRoyal Artillery
Harry A FULLERPrivate4th Lincolnshire
George W BOOTHPrivate2nd Lincolnshire
Damian KULINSKIStrzelecPolish Army
Horace W DENTLeading AircraftmanRAF

Full list of names, dates and Memorials separate document

*1 RAF

F/O Reginald R Preece Pilot, Sgt Peter Radley, Sgt Philip L Waldon, F/O Frederick E Gurden, Sgt Alastair F Liddle, Flight Sgt Arthur G Mace, Sgt William T Stapleton


Sgt Gilbert Keith Cameron Pilot, Sgt Richard S. Cracknell,

Sgt Eugene Bunt, Sgt George F Marchington, Sgt George H Durham, Sgt Eric Arthur Crowe

The list includes men who- Born in Market and Middle Rasen; Lived and worked in the area; Family lived in the town; killed nearby and buried in the town cemetery and St Peter & St Paul’s graveyard.

It does not include the men who are on the De Aston School memorial who were not locals. See their website for more details.

Not all of the names on the Roll of Honour are on the Memorials in the area. They are commemorated on the memorials in the Country, County and town. A small number for some reason has not be listed on any War memorial.

Today when in Covid-19 lockdown we will remember all of them.