Market Rasen Football Club in 1920s

Football reports in Market Rasen Mail in 1922 and 1923


21st January

Market Rasen 1st v Lincoln Town

Priestley scored goal 4-0 against Dunholme.

4th February

Against Welton at home 2-0. Priestley “be a greater as set if he passed more frequently “.

25th February

North Lincoln Village Football League matches played Saturday 8 th.

Market Rasen 3rd out of 9 teams. Played 13 won 9 draw 0 lost 4

Goals for 40 against 20 points 18.

4th March

Report on Louth game, winning 1-0.

Scored by C Hannah. Reserves at home to Caistor- a draw.

Saturday- 1st xL Dunholme, 8 pm team list: Patchett, Porter, Hart, Crow, Lill, Turner, Egen, Clarke, Hannah, Priestley and Woodcock.

1st April

Last match of the season.

Langworth at home, Market Rasen won 7-0, Priestley scored 2 of the goals.

Friendliest with Wragby: collection for cottage hospital.

1922 new season

16 th September

At Fillingham. Bus leaves at 1.30 pm Railway Inn, vacant seats for 12 supporters.

Team- Egan, Kell, Hart, E Kemerovo, Hart, Brailsford, Porter, Priestley, Hannah, Sergeant and Woodcock. North Lincoln Village League.

28th October

Holton 1-Market Rasen 0

Market Rasen top of the league, win 4 draw 0 lost 1 8 pts.

4 th November

Market Rasen v Wragby kick off 2.30 pm

2nd December

Market Rasen 5-Langworth 0

9 th December

Market Rasen v Holton

Market Rasen and District Hospital League

November 2nd Middle Rasen 3- Howsham 1

Middle Rasen and Market Rasen teams in this league.

For away games, there were often adverts in the MRM for vacant places in the bus for supporters.

Market Rasen Mail 1923

10 th March North Kelsey 1-Market Rasen 6

Market Rasen and District Hospital League

2nd in the table: 9 played 7 win, 1 lost, 1 draw 15 pts.

North Lincoln Village Football League

3rd March

4 th in table 13 played 9 win, 1 draw, 3 lost 19 pts.

10 th March

Advert for football match Market Rasen v Nettleton on Linwood Road ground. 3 pm kick off. Collection on ground in aid of the Cottage Hospital.

The last Match 28 th April

The close of the football season will be marked by what should prove to be an interesting match today (Saturday) on the De Aston football ground (Kindly lent by the Headmaster Mr PJ Timms), when Market Rasen the winners of the market Rasen and District Hospital league, will play a team representative of the Rest of the League, and captained by Atkinson of North Kelsey.

After the match the Cup and medals will be presented by Mrs Wright of Willingham House. A collection is to be taken on the ground for the Cottage Hospital.

TEAM- Market Rasen; Egen, Porter, Parker, Priestley, Clews, Newby and Woodcock. Kick off 8pm.

Report in the Market Rasen Mail of May 5th.

Market Rasen Hospital Football league presentation of Cup and Medals

There was a large attendance on the De Aston School football ground (Kindly lent by the Headmaster Mr PJ Timms), on Saturday to witness of the League Cup (Market Rasen) and a team representative of the rest of the League.

TEAM- Market Rasen; Egen, Porter, Parker, Priestley, Clews, Scupham, Brailsford, Hannath, Priestley, Newby and Woodcock. (M Priestley and H Priestley),

Referee Mr Frow of Barnetby.

The Rest started against a strong breeze, and at one carries hostilities into the home territory, but the defence prevailed. The pressure was soon relived and except for an occasional breakaway the composite eleven never afterwards gave much trouble to the defence.

At the other end the defence had quite a warm time, the temporary goal keeper (H Bevans) dealt in a capable manner with the shots sent in, but at the end of 15 minutes play H Priestley headed through from a corner. Subsequently Standerlion went into his proper position between the sticks, After H Priestley missed an open goal, Hannath beat the goalie, but “hands” was given against the attackers, and the sore at the interval was 1-0 in favour of Rasen.

Within five minutes of the opening of the second half Brailsford put in a centre from which Newby scored a neat goal. This was followed soon afterwards by H Priestley scoring with a nice shot from a centre by Hannath. Other two goals were scored before the whistle blew for time, Newby and Priestley being responsible, and the match finished Rasen 5 goals: rest of the League 0.

The losers put up a better fight in the first half, when they were playing against the wind, but naturally they did not show so much combination as the Rasenities. Ramsden, at centre half played a good game, and was generally in the picture. Rasen did not display quite such good combination as they have shown in their previous matches, but when they got going at times, they were quite irresistible. The forwards were a good quintette, with Newby and Priestley as the pick. Clews was the best of a useful trio of halves, whilst Parker was sound at the back. Egen in goal was never realty tested.

At the close of the match, Mrs Wright of Willingham House, who was accompanied by Miss Esther Wright presented the handsome cup and medals to the winners and a silver shield to the runners-up (North Kelsey).

In addition to the team playing, three other Rasen players who had taken part in League matches received medals-W Priestley, AT Padley and H Bevans.

The President of the League (Mr JH Nettleship), who was supported by the hon. Secretary (Mr CG Turner, MC), prospered a hearty vote of thanks to Mrs Wright for her kindness in coming there that day and it was carried with acclamation.

In the evening a most enjoyable “smoker” was held at the Railway Hotel, under the chairmanship of Mr Turner. The Cup occupied a place of honour, and was, of course, filled and handed around. With songs and speeches the time passed all too quickly for the carnival company which had foregathers.

Market Rasen were also winners in 1923/4 season as well.

1923/4 Cup winners Market Rasen


Walter Priestley 1893-1957

He was born in 1893 in Waddington. He married Elizabeth Ann Smith in Waddington in 1912. During the war he serviced with a Lincolnshire Regiment until he was discharged in February 1916. Walter lost his arm. He and Elizabeth were living in Rasen and many children, including his eldest son George William known as Bill.

In the 1920s Walter played football for Market Rasen FC. In 1939, Walter was living in Jamesonbridge Street with his wife Elizabeth and children-Charles, Francis and Ronald. Walter was a Cattle driver.

Bill was the Assistant Trainer for the Market Rasen Town F C who were League Champions and Challenger Cup winners in 1951/2 season.

M Priestley and H Priestley could be Mark R Priestley (1900-1974) and his brother Harold M Priestley 1896-1959. Possibly Walter’s cousins.