Market Rasen 1818

Market Rasen was a small market town in the Wapentake of Walshcroft. It was at the centre of 23 villages and homesteads and therefore the hub of the area for trade and services. There was a market every Tuesday and a fair on 25th September.

The turnpike from Louth to Gainsborough ran through the middle of the town. There were gates at entrances to the town- King Street and Queen Street. There were talks in progress to open a National Society School in the town.


The population of Market Rasen in 1818 is not recorded, but there is a record for 1821. Market Rasen 1,166. 50:50 male and female. Lincoln over 10,000; Gainsborough 5,800; Louth 4,700; Caistor 1,200;

In 1818 there were 38 men of the town who were able to vote in the General Election held in June.

Crime, Law and Order

The Parish Constables were elected on 23rd March at the Easter Vestry meeting. Joseph Thomson and John Morley. On 25th April the Justice of the Peace gave the order that goods of Robert George were to be seized if he continued not to pay the poor rate. In 1817, William Hargraves (45yrs) had been caught stealing sheep locally and he had been sent to Lincoln Gaol. His trial was on 8th March 1817. William was sentenced to death, changed to 14 years transportation. On 3rd April 1818 the Prison ship Isabella left for New South Wales, Australia, William was one of 230 convicts.


The Poll Book of 1818 listed 3 Gents

Mr John Audis, Mr Samuel Cropper and Mr Thomas Bonson. These men were rich with powerful friends -Tennyson, Boucherett and Anderson-Pelham.

Trade/ Occupations

The Poll Book for the General Election, Parish records and County newspapers have been a good source of information on the trades and occupations of the town folk.

8 shoemakers    3 bricklayers       8 general labourers    2 tailors

2 gardeners        2 saddlers           2 joiners                        2 carpenters

2 millers              2 bakers              2 drapers and grocers 8 innkeepers

Everyday needs for the town and surrounding countryside.

Also listed one of the following;

Brazier, basket maker, chairmaker, cooper, hairdresser, postman, blacksmith, wheelwright, plumber, currier, carrier, watchmaker.


4 Clarks/Rev.      2 Surgeons         3 Gents      1 Lawyer    1 Auctioneer

1 Exercise man   1 Farmer


Churchwardens-John James Clarke, John Slater

Overseer of the Poor-John Slater, George Levick

Parish Constables-Joseph Thomson, John Morley

Births, Marriages and Deaths (B.M.D.)


The register form St Thomas records 33 baptism, Methodist’s register records 4 and the Roman Catholic 7.

The number recorded for all of the Wapentake of Walshcroft is 227.

The first baby baptised in 1818 was Thomas Jackson Rhodes on 9th January at St Thomas. His parents are Thomas and Ann Rhodes. The register lists his father’s occupation as Attorney of Law. The last baby to be baptised was Martha Portals on 27th December at the Catholic Chapel. Her parents are David and Rachel. Two children born in 1818 in Market Rasen did not live to see 1819.


The register at St Thomas recorded 6 weddings in 1818, the whole Wapentake was 55. John Scott and Ann Cooper were married on 17th July, her dress was hiding a little surprise as Mary Ann was born on 27th August.


100 people died and buried in the Wapentake that year, 13 of them were in Market Rasen. The two children, Mary Ann Scott (3 days) and Joseph Brumby (5 months). 1 young man, 3 in their 30/40s and the rest were over 70 years old. There was one inquest, it was held at the White Hart Inn on 24th April. The body of Edward Priestley aged about 80 years. It was decided by the County Coroner that he died by the visitation of God. This means that the person had die suddenly, in a natural way or at least no other cause of death could be found.

General Election

The General Election was in June, the Tories returned a majority of 90 seats. The candidates were elected by bloc vote, each voter had 2 votes.

Hon. Charles Anderson-Pelham 3693

Sir Robert Heron                            2623

Esq. Charles Chaplin                      3069

Elected Anderson-Pelham and Chaplin 5598

The Freeholder Act, stated that men with freehold property in the county with a value of £2 or more for purposes of land tax. All the men in Market Rasen voted for Anderson-Pelham and all but one voted for Chaplin.


St Thomas in the market place was built in 15th c and had two Curates, Rev Matthew Barnett (1812) and Rev John Robinson (1804). The Catholic Chapel was in King Street and Father Francis Willoughby Brewster, a Carmelite was the priest in charge, he arrived in 1798. The Wesleyan Methodist Chapel was in Jameson Bridge Street. The Minister in charge was John Crosby Leppington (1816/7).

Public Houses and Inns

The George, George Street, Thomas Parkinson

The White Hart Inn, King Street, Joseph Randall

Lord Nelson, Queen Street, Joseph White

The Red Lion, John Beech

The Greyhound, King Street, Thomas Gibbons 

The White Swan, Queen Street, John Danby

The Plough, James Scupham

The Boot & Slipper Public House, Pinfold Street,

The King’s Head, Queen Street, William Philips

The Gordons Arms, John Moses

The Dolphin, Anthony  Thornton         


1818-1821 survey of the area listed mills in Market Rasen.

Church Mill; Peck Mill Lamas Lees Road; Walesby Road.

Rawson at Walesby Road.

Newspaper reports from British Newspaper Library

Lincoln, Rutland & Stamford Mercury (LRSM).

16th January LRSM

Market Rasen Associations for the Prosecution of Felons General Annul Meeting on 22nd January at 11am at the King’s Head. John Henry Vine Solicitor and Treasurer. List of subscribers.

30th January LRSM

Meeting of Freeholders resident in Walshcroft & Wraggoe, White Hart Inn, 22nd January, chairman A Boucherett.

13th February LRSM

Sold by Auction by Richard Winter at The Greyhound Inn, Mr T Gibbons host, sale of

Lot 1- The Boot & Slipper Public House in Pinfold Street. Garden, yard, stable and out buildings. Last tenant Robert Salitt (deceased). He died in September 1817, a cordwainer 

Lot 2-4 cottages in Pinfold Street, one unoccupied, other three tenants Edward Morris, John Brooks and Joseph Bondridge

Solicitor Mr Rhodes, information from Robert Chambers and John Slater.

24th March Hull Packet

Charles and Elizabeth Plaskett who sometimes offer accommodation to travellers was robbed. A Man from Hull broke in to Mr Plaskett’s desk and took 11 notes and 15s.

15th May LRSM

James Buntins and John Drakes were convicted before the Magistrates 5s each for drunkenness.

29th May LRSM

The sale of the Public House Lord Nelson

5th June LRSM

A. The sale of the Public House Lord Nelson see advert

B. Several boys to be put out as apprentices with a premium given, contact the Churchwardens.

C. Auction at King’s Head on 18th June,

Lot 1- Brick property in King Street, Richard Best, George Bell, and Charles Richardson.

Lot 2- Property in Queen Street, John Bennett.

Lot 3- land for sale just outside town, occupied by John Robinson and Richard Malam.

 17th August 1818 LRSM

Sold by Private Treaty- the property of the late Rev. Henry Hodgson M.D. Now in the hands of William Philips. Solicitor Mr Vane. He died in November 1815, Tealby.

25th September LRSM

Wanted immediately Young Person-Assistant in County school, apply by poste paid letter to Mr E Husband, Middle Rasen or T. Wardale, Market Rasen.

9th October LRSM

Frederick Cousins deceased, any demands on his estate please contact Mr Vine, Solicitor.  He died February 1814, aged 32.

19th December Oxford University & City Herold

Robert Chambers of Market Rasen Lincolnshire currier was declared Bankrupt.