Life in Market Rasen in 1919 as reported by the Market Rasen Mail


Market Rasen Mail reported the Roll of Honour on 11th January, only POWs; Missing; Killed in Action/Died of wounds; died. January 16th MRM reported on the Victory Tea and concert for the town’s school children. There had also been a Victory Dance on Boxing Day at the Liberal Institute. POWs were returning home, and thanking the Town folk for all their parcels. Pt H Rollinson (MRM employee), Pt H Elmhirst, Pt Page, Pt Codd, Pt Collins, Pt Drury, Pt Crow. There was a Social event in the Unite Methodist Schoolrooms, all the proceeds were for needy and disabled soldiers. Egg Collections will still continue but the MRM will no longer list the numbers of eggs. Miss Dorothy Wright, Mrs Smith and Mrs Bygot were thanked for their services during the war- overseeing the dispatches to Lincoln and use of their homes for collecting depots.

An advert for Picture House to open on 2nd January 1919 with “For all eternity”, in the 28th December MRM. 11th January 1919 MRM reported Mr LG Pycock of Boston, showing pictures in Town Hall. The Picture House-The cinematograph which has been opened at the Town Hall, had a most inauspicious start on Thursday in last week. The engine which has been installed could not be got into working order for that evening, and the large crowd which had assembled had to be turned away. However, everything was got ready for the Friday night, and the crowded house was treated to a splendid show. The star picture was “For All Eternity” and if it is to be any criterion of the class of picture to be provided in the future, Market Rasen will indeed be lucky, as it was equal to anything seen at the “movie” at Lincoln or elsewhere. There was again a splendid attendance on Saturday night. The Picture House is to be open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening, with a special afternoon performance every Saturday. This week the star picture is “Mother Love” and next week “God and the man” is to be filmed” .

Market Rasen Mail letter from WA Smith The National School had to closed for 3 weeks due an outbreak of Flu. 4th Volunteer Battalion Market Rasen Patroon were informed this month that they had to return all uniforms, arms and equipment on penalty of a fine. The paper recorded the experiences of Lieut. G Swaby in great detail. Petty Sessions report on Pte Thomas Steele.


February 1st MRM reported that Private Atkin (POW) had returned home in November. Last egg collection. February 8th MRM reported on the Trophies of War, notes on demobilisation for public and the sad news that Mrs Margaret Sylvester had died of influenza and pneumonia. Her husband was still in Australia with the Royal Marine Artillery. February 22nd MRM reported that the Belgian Refugees left by 2pm train on Wednesday last for Hull. They had all been given chocolates and cake and a £1.00 note. An Advert for 27th February, Meat Tea and Entertainment at the Liberal Club for Service men.


The Market Rasen Mail printed several letters about the town War Memorial, the readers were expressing their ideas for what type of Memorial should be built and who should pay for it. Information and adverts from the Ministry of Food- price of apples.


Arthur William Toyne aged 39 died on 6th April. Reported in the Market Rasen Mail. Reports in the paper on the Market Rasen UDC meeting on the War Memorial. “choosing of the memorial would be left to the people of the town” Mr Cooper J.P. April 19th MRM reported on the award given to Mr Joseph Cressey. Mr Cressey had been awarded the Royal Humane Society certificate for Bravery. He had rescued a woman from a canal in Sheffield last November. Mr Burrell bought the Peatfield mineral water business. April 26th MRM reported on the Fate of Private George Lingard.


The Market Rasen Mail printed a thank you letter from the Belgian Refugees. It also reported on the continuing meetings and discussion on a War Memorial. On 10th May the newspaper returned to 8 pages. Adverts for picture house, jobs, Memorial notes for the anniversary of fallen soldiers. 30 new homes to be built in Market Rasen. It was also reported in the Market Rasen Mail that a total of 727,200 men were waiting to be demobbed as of 10th April. (This included a few men from Market Rasen.)


June 14th MRM advert for a film “World Power or downfall Germany’s Mad Crime” The War Pensions committer meeting was reported -stating that 322 letters had been received and dealt with since their last meeting. There was a long list of cricket fixtures and scores. June 21st MRM reported that Captain Charles Smith had been awarded the Military Cross. He had re-joined the Army in 1914 and due to his previous experience (in Boar War) he rose to the rank of Captain last year. Captain Smith was still with his regiment in Germany. His mother Mrs Smith lives in Paradise Row. June 28th MRM reported that Mr Pycock last Thursday had to drive to Louth to collect some films to show as the planned film “Felicity” had not arrived. But it did by 9 pm train so the audience were treated to this film as well.

On 28th June 1919, the Peace Treaty was signed in Versailles. It was not until about half past six on Saturday evening that the official news of the signing of peace reached Market Rasen, although travellers by the 4.18 train had brought the information that Lincoln was rejoicing. Simultaneously flags appeared at many windows, and Saint George’s flag was hoisted at the church tower. The bells were rung and fireworks were let off, though the townspeople generally took the news in a quiet way. On the Sunday suitable references were made in the places of worship to the signing of the please pact and on Monday evening a thanksgiving service was held at the Parish Church, conducted by the Vicar, the Rev E Battyll Scott, M.A. who preached from the text “Thus saith the Lord of Hosts, consider ye your ways”. The service was well attended. MRM July 5th


July 5th MRM reported that the town council had held a meeting to discuss the plans for a Peace celebration, what and who was going to pay for it (£120-150). There was a comment “on flying the Union Flag the right way UP”. Also, that everyone should remember the dead as well as celebrating Peace Day. The King had declared that Saturday the 19th July would be Peace Day and a Bank Holiday. The Parish Council announced that the Architect had submitted a design for the Rood Beam. The Peace Day celebrations is reported under the Peace Day section of this booklet. There was a Local Branch of National Federation of Discharged Soldiers and Sailors.


August 9th MRM reported that 149 ex service men has a trip to Skegness, Banquet and entertainment on their return or 15s if they did not want to go. The Knitting Party raised £115 to purchase wool and made 950 articles of clothing during October 1915 and August 1919. August 16th MRM reported that the issue of new Ration books by Market Rasen Food Control Committee. The Market Rasen Football Club was to be formed. A long report on the trip to Skegness, there were 150 servicemen in 5 char-a-banes, unfortunately one broke down. The banquet had to be in two settings and some of the men did not return until 10.15pm. The local councillors were waiter, there was a smoking concert, singing and a Charlie Chaplin Film. August 23rd MRM reported that there was a photograph taken by Mr JB Starbuck of all the returning soldiers at the Race Course. August 30th MRM reported that the total number of eggs collected in Market Rasen during the war was 46,779, a grand total of 86,918 when all the local collection points were included.


September 6th MRM reported that Market Rasen UDC had had another meeting about the War Memorial. There had been a tea and sports for the Wives, Widows and Mothers of soldiers and sailors. On 6th September Serjeant George ES Smith and was buried on 9th September in Market Rasen cemetery, he was 37 years. September 13th MRM reported that the POWs of Bishopbridge were marched to Market Rasen railway station and left town by 8.30 train. September 27th MRM reported on the Market Rasen Foal Fair and that on Monday 29th, the clocks will be set back one hour. Clocks to change on 29th September Feast Tuesday, September 30th, Market Rasen’s Pansy Day.


October 4th MRM reported on the Pansy Day event, £25 11s 1d was collected for the Navy and Mercantile Marines. The term Merchant Navy was bestowed on the British merchant shipping fleets following their service in the First World War by King George V. Railway Strike, Local soldiers were asked to help out. The Strike started at midnight on 26th September and finished on 5th October when the Government agreed to maintain wages for another year. October 11th MRM reported on Rationing orders for Margarine, and Bacon and Ham. October 18th MRM stated that the National School would be closed for a fortnight for potato picking.


November 1st MRM, letter from Mr HE Douthwaite. It had been reported earlier about the trouble he had been having trying to be demobilised. He was one of the last men of the town to be demobbed. He had been in Mesopotamia and India for three years. November 22nd MRM reported that Mr William Alfred Cantwell age 36 died on 15th November after a protracted illness. He was buried on 19th November. November 29th MRM reported that The Girl Guide Movement, an association to be formed in Market Rasen. A meeting was held in the Unionist Women’s club to see if it would be a good idea, it was well attended.


December 6th MRM reported on Market Rasen UDC meeting on Housing in great detail. Also, there was a detailed report on the Petty session cases. It was announced in 13th December newspaper that 27th December was to be a Bank Holiday. December 20th MRM reported that Mr Pycock had been granted a Licence to show films in his Picture House as long as there are no performances on Christmas Day, Good Friday or Sundays. December 27th MRM reported that the local football match raised money for St Dunstan’s home for disabled and blinded servicemen.