Famous people who were born in Market Rasen

Famous people born in Market Rasen
People are famous for lots of reasons- good and brave actions in wartimes; achievements in their profession; murder and crime; having famous sons. Or in 2021 just having your name on the social media websites.

  1. Baroness Gibson of Market Rasen, Anne Tasker, 1940-2018. The daughter of the Butcher Harry. She was a Labour peer and Speaker of the house of Lords.

2. Sir Edward Tasker JP, OBE, 1910-1989, Harry’s brother was a JP and awarded OBE for his photographic collection and service to the Community in Barnsley. He was a Chemist and Photographer

3.  Dr John Conolly, 1794-1866. The Doctor who is remembered for his pioneering work with patients with mental health problems.

4. Francis Cartwright He murdered Rev Storre in 1602 and escaped justice to Europe, pardoned and returned home. In 1611 he murdered Mr Rigg. This time he was sent to prison for 1yr for manslaughter.

AN old illustration from the account of the Storr Murder

5. Miss Ann Carr, daughter of builder, 1783 – 1841. She was a British evangelist who founded the Female Revivalist Society. An offshoot of the Primitive Methodists, the Society used female and male preachers.

6. (Henry) Rayner Barton, 1893-1966. A son from a family of Doctors. He became famous in 1930/40/50s as Film actor, screen writer and novelist.


7. Wilson Boys, sons of the local Tailor

Charles H Wilson, CBE. 1914-1991 .Charles Wilson was born in 1914. He went to De Aston and then onto Jesus College Cambridge, where he gained two first class degrees. He was a fellow of the College until his death in 1992. His first research was into Anglo-Dutch commercial relationships. After the war he was Bursar  at Jesus College and was a university lecturer in history, then was promoted to reader in modern economic history in 1964. Apart from his lecture work, he did a great of research. One of these was an academic history of the unilever company. There was other papers into other companies. In 1965 he was appointed Professor of Modern History until 1977, when he seconded to the European University Institute in Florence as professor of History and Civilization. He retired in 1981 and was made a CBE. He died in 1991.

Percy Wilson, 1904-1986. Percy was born in 1904. He went to De Aston School. He was appointed inspector of schools in 1927. After the war he was promoted staff inspector for English in 1945 and then in 1947 he was awarded as Chief Inspector and then in 1957 senior chief Inspector until 1965. After he retired from the civil service he was appointed Director of Education of the Bank Education Service until 1969. He died in 1986.

8. L/Col John Alexander Baty OBE, 1909-1982. A surgeon R.A.M.C., awarded OBE in 1945. 1940-1946, he was an Army Surgeon in a Mobile Surgical Unit in Burma. Doctor Jack, (to his patients) was awarded an OBE for his services to medicine. He wrote a book called Surgeon in the Jungle in 1979.

9. John Scupham, 1904-1990, son of Roger, a builder/stonemason. He was a teacher, Controller of BBC, and an early supporter of the Open University.

10.Thomas Parker 1828-1863.

He was born in Market Rasen in 1828, died in 1863. One of the Founder members of the Lincoln Co-Operative Society

 11.  Ralph Ringrose, 1896-1971

Leading Fireman Bravery Award

12. Kenneth Smith 1920-1945

13. Rev. George Clayton Tennyson, Rector of Somersby and Bag Enderby. 1778-1831, the eldest son of George Tennyson but his brother Charles inherited from their father and built Bayons Manor. George’s son Alfred is best known as Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Poet Laureate.

14. Dame Eliza Mary Stephenson 1834-1902, nee Bond, daughter of James and Charlotte Bond.  Drapers in Market Rasen. Eliza Mary married William H Stephenson and they financed many libraires in Newcastle, which were the first in Europe to use the Melvil Dewey’s Decimal Classification System. The Lady Stephenson Library open after her death in her memory.

15.  Father Francis Willoughby Brewster was born in Market Rasen in 1770, he attended a Catholic “underground” school run by Dr George Shuttleworth. He went to Europe to study and joined The Carmelite Order. He returned to Market Rasen in 1796 when it was safe to be a Catholic Priest in England. The new Catholic Chapel “Holy Rood and presbytery was built in 1824. Father Brewster was the Priest in charge and bee-keeper (over 40 hives). He continued to serve his community until he died in 1849. He is buried in the sanctuary.

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