Crime Law & Order

Crime Law & Order in the Rasen area.

Mayor John Matthews and Hazel Barnard from Rase Heritage Society at the exhibition in the Old Police Station

Mayor John Matthews and Hazel Barnard from Rase Heritage Society at the exhibition in the Old Police Station

RASE Heritage Society organised a crime season in May 2016. This looked back to the infamous days in the 1800 and 1900’s but worked its way through the Rasen area’s crime story to the present day – it even covered parents being fined for keeping children off school to go on holiday!

The season of events and activities included a comprehensive display at the Old Police Station, Crimewriters in the Library, and more modern crime details in the Rasen Hub in Union Street.

The research and writing, was carried out by Caroline Foster. Caroline is the present Chairperson and Trustee of the RASE Heritage Society and she also gathered information and artefacts, from the Lincolnshire Police Archives at Nettleham.

The season also included tours of the Old Police Station with talks by Alistair Upton, a retired community police officer who worked there.

U3A at th police station

The U3A organised a ‘talk and tour’ of the Old Police Station during the RHS Crime season in May 2016.

It also included a full display on the subject of renowned crime writers in the library (see link to PDF below)

These displays have now been converted into individual PDFs on the subjects on the display. These included Crime, the Police, the Law, and Punishment.

There is more information on the individual subjects. This extends the detail used in these displays and the PDF’s you can read here. If you wish to see this more, in depth, information please use the ‘contact us’ form on this website.

The Old police Station story was a key feature of the crime Season. But this story had already been researched, and told on here, so the link below takes you to the exisiting story which is a different layout to the others. The content is just as good!

The PDF’s can be viewed using the links below.

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