Charities and Knitting Parties

Charities 1914 Advert for August 20th A working party for assisting those suffering from the war to meet at 2.30 pm at the White Hart. Also 18th 8pm at Dr Barton’s house. Ladies holding the St. John’s Ambulance Certificated 1st Aid 1911 are asked to attend “to see what can be done” August 22nd Saturday Market Rasen Mail Prince of Wales’ National Relief Fund. There was a long list of people who had subscribed. 1st Aid course and sewing and knitting Bees for the troops started.

1915 There were some new activities reported- “A Smoking concert” was held in The Greyhound, it was organized by Mr Kemmery the Landlord. The event raised money and cigarettes to send packages of cigarettes to the Troops on at The Front Red Cross Fete at Bayons Manor raised £112 Smoking Concert

The Knitting Party raised £115 to purchase wool and made 950 articles of clothing during October 1915 and August 1919.

9th November Market Rasen collected 207/2259 eggs sent to hospitals. Miss Camsell and Miss Barton have been sending parcels to POWs. Formation of Volunteer Training Corps in Market Rasen Tradesmen’s Red Cross Sale raised £68, list of who and what was donated- slippers, horseshoe penholders, paint, food and drink and wash tub.

Farmers Red Cross Sale raised £600, there was a list of what and who donated. May 1916 In between reports on UDC meetings, knitting parties, egg collection figures, Pig Club dinner and Primrose League Tea and entertainment…. there are letters from soldiers at the Front thanking folks back home for cigarettes and eggs. These everyday activities were mixed in with POWs thanking Miss Camsell and her helpers for supplying food and clothing parcels. October A report on POW fund.

Adverts for A Grand Smoking Concert at White Hart Assembly room on 12th October and Red Cross Flag Day on 17th October 1917 Miss Camsell and her ladies were still fund raising for POWs.

MRM printed thank you letters from Private Drury and Private Tindall. A Rummage sale and vegetable stall to raise money for the wool fund, organised by Mrs Searby and Miss Smith. 102.2.1917

Successful Garden Party raised £33 8s 10d for the Red Cross Fund. MRM 7.7.1917

Summer fête at The Limes for North Lincolnshire Hut at Netley for Lincolnshire wounded. Drive and Tea Dance held recently raised after expense £14 8s 11d for the Navy boys of Rasen. MRM 24.11.1917

January 1919

January 16th MRM reported on the Victory Tea and concert for the town’s school children. There had also been a Victory Dance on Boxing Day at the Liberal Institute. POWs were returning home, and thanking the Town folk for all their parcels. Pt H Rollinson (MRM employee), Pt H Elmhirst, Pt Page, Pt Codd, Pt Collins, Pt Drury, Pt Crow. There was a Social event in the Unite Methodist Schoolrooms, all the proceeds were for needy and disabled soldiers.

February 22nd MRM reported that the Belgian Refugees left by 2pm train on Wednesday last for Hull. They had all been given chocolates and cake and a £1.00 note. An Advert for 27th February, Meat Tea and Entertainment at the Liberal Club for Service men.

May The Market Rasen Mail printed a thank you letter from the Belgian Refugees. It also reported on the continuing meetings and discussion on a War Memorial. On 10th May the newspaper returned to 8 pages. Adverts for picture house, jobs, Memorial August

August 9th MRM reported that 149 ex service men has a trip to Skegness, Banquet and entertainment on their return or 15s if they did not want to go. A long report on the trip to Skegness, there were 150 servicemen in 5 char-a-banes, unfortunately one broke down. The banquet had to be in two settings and some of the men did not return until 10.15pm. The local councillors were waiter, there was a smoking concert, singing and a Charlie Chaplin Film. October

October 4th MRM reported on the Pansy Day event, £25 11s 1d was collected for the Navy and Mercantile Marines. The term Merchant Navy was bestowed on the British merchant shipping fleets following their service in the First World War by King George V.