38 men of Market Rasen 1818

Market Rasen Poll Book June 1818

38 men who were allowed to vote

1.Gent John Audis, 1745-1823 -A Man of own means.

2.Rev Matthew Barnett, 1761-1833 – Vicar of Market Rasen 1812-1825, he set up the town Freemason Lodge.

3.Dr Zacharich Barton, 1780-1854 – Practiced medicine in town 1803-1850s. Living in Sheffied Manor, George Street.

4.Mr William Bellamy, 1767-1829 -Plumber and Glazier, worked in town 1787-1829.

5.Mr John Bennett, 1768-1837- Auctioneer in Queen Street.

6.Gent Thomas Bonson, 1771-1830 -A Man of own means.

7.Mr Richard Clarke, 1762-1822 – Linen and woollen Draper, spirit merchant and tallow chandlers. Property in market and Middle Rasen.

8.Mr John James Clarke, 1789- Draper and grocer in Queen Street, Churchwarden.

9.Mr Robert Chamber, 1754-1839 -Currier in Queen Street, declared bankrupt in December 1818.

10.Esq Samuel Cropper, 1792-1841 – Articles of Clerkship 1809, member of Freemason Lodge, inquest into death-Sanguineous apoplexy.

11.Mr William Fox, 1778-  A Farmer, retired to King Street.

12.Mr John Fewster, 1780-1864 – Bricklayer, lived in Rasen until 1841, then moved to Hull.

13.Dr John Graves, 1754-1820 – Surgeon in Rasen.

14.Mr Samuel Gibson, 1773-1849 – Labourer, 1841 census living in King Street.

15.Mr Thomas Greenwood, 1759-1836 – Saddler in Queen Street.

16.Mr William Hammond, – 1818 listed as wheelwright.

17.Mr George Johnson, 1780-1859 – Miller and baker, born in Market Rasen.

 18.Mr Luke Jobson, 1767-1828 – 1818 listed as carrier.

19.Mr Joseph Kendall, 1778-1843 -Was trained as carpenter, but became Innkeeper of White Hart Inn.

20.Mr John Lancaster, 1757-1837 – Boot and shoe maker in King Street.

21.Rev John C Leppington, 1775-1833 –  Methodist Wesleyan Minister. 1818-1825 in Rasen area.

22.Mr Thomas Mitchell, 1766-1838 – Saddler in George Street.

23.Mr John Morley, 1791-    Linen and woollen draper in King Street.

24.Mr Thomas Parkinson -Innholder and keeper of The George Inn.

25.Mr Benjamin Plaskitt, 1779-1827 – Shoemaker.

26.Rev John Robinson, 1776-1848 – Curate of St Thomas, then Rector at Faldingworth. Died after falling of horse.

27.Mr William Rawson, 1761-1846 –  Miller and baker.

28.Mr John Robinson, 1766-1832  – Carpenter of Willingham Street.

29.Mr James Smith, 1778-1854 – Nursey and seedman in Queen Street.

30.Mr John Shearman, 1770-1846 – Shoemaker in Queen Street, family of boot and shoemaker, leather cutters, and cordwainers.           

31.Mr George Taylor, 1771-1839 – Brazier and tinman in George Street.

32.Mr William Torrey, 1768-1838 – Bricklayer and plasterer in King Street.

33.Mr William Torrey senior, -Book and shoemaker. Son Robinson Torrey died when steamship Pegasus was shipwrecked of coast of Holy Island in 1843.

34.Mr Joseph White – Innkeeper of Lord Nelson Inn.

35.Mr Anthony Wright, 1777-1826 – 1818 listed as butcher.

36.Mr George Ward, 1768-1833 -Joiner, cabinet maker and builder in George Street.

37.Mr Joseph Watson, 1776-    Watchmaker and jeweller in Market Place.

38.Mr Thomas Wells, 1766-1848 –    Blacksmith and farrier in Queen Street.