RHS 2021

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Due to Covid-19 the RHS Programme has been suspend until the Summer 2021.  

For more information please contact us on info@raseheritage.org.uk

Rase Heritage Society was established in 2005 to promote and encourage interest in the heritage of the Rase district– the Parishes of Market, Middle and West Rasen.

May 2021

The RHS Members have been receiving newsletters during the lockdowns and in May’s supplement edition we discussed the Famous people born in Market Rasen

There are 14 people listed in the leaflet, can you name them?

  1. Baroness Gibson of Market Rasen
  2. ……

New for May

A section on Churches and Chapels of Market Rasen has been added under the town section. It is an ongoing article, more over the next few months.

Pentecostal Hall, Oxford Street 1945

Tourism week stating Saturday 22 nd May

First of several events organised by the Market Rasen Town Council.

Contact them for more details

A season of Heritage walks have been organised starting 6 th June.

See programme for more details and how to book.

6th May local elections

Don’t forget to vote. It was not that long ago that it was only very rich men who could vote.

In 1818, only men who could fulfil the wealth requirements, 38 out of population of 1,100 could vote.

In 1921, women over 30 yrs who could fulfil the property requirements could vote,

( married women).

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